Spirit of the Stoodio: Kevin Davies

Kevin Davies

As an animation studio, it’s important that we animate every now and again. It’s what allows us to keep that title. And one very important role at Stoopid Buddy Stoodios is Animation Coordinator. It’s important that our animators are well equipped, scheduled, and have everything they need to keep those puppets a-movin’

Kevin Davies is the animation coordinator at the Stoodio that does all of those things (and quite frankly, a heck of a lot more!) He’s a board game and fantasy fanatic, and he will TROUNCE you in Smash Ultimate with his Zelda. We gotta hand it to Kevin, especially because he’s handed us so much already.

Buddies, here we all stand to honor this coordinating master.
With his notebook in hand, our schedules are spared from disaster

When it comes to Smash, better stay in your lane.
No one can beat him when he’s got Zelda as his main.

He’s the savior of animation. We love him, and everyone agrees!
So let’s bring forth the adulation for our Spirit of the Stoodio, Kevin Davies!