Photo Booth Makeover

How cool is it to have a photo booth in your workplace? SUPER COOL! But here at the Stoodio, sometimes super cool just isn’t quite cool enough….
A couple months back we held a “Redesign the Photo Booth Contest” where Buddies were able to submit their ideas for how we should take the booth to the NEXT LEVEL!¬†Enter John Sumner– an amazingly talented team member and jack of all trades; the creative and muscle behind our spectacular new…. TARDIS Photo Booth, inspired by Dr. Who!
This project was quite the undertaking, but luckily Sumner had Buddy Zach Manchester to help. Together, they wheeled the photo booth over the shop, sanded off the outside veneer on the existing paint, built a door, window frames and plexi glass windows, “police box” sign, and gave it a slick new paint job in “Buddy Blue”.
“Buddy Blue is a little lighter than what the actual TARDIS is painted, but as the TARDIS changes with each new Doctor, I felt it was appropriate that this TARDIS reflect the studio”.¬† -John Sumner
After an extensive day of “aging” the booth, to make it look as though it had traveled through time and space, it was finally complete.
zach & sumner
Thank you Sumner and Zach– you have helped make our stoodio an even cooler place to be!