Meet a Buddy: actually, BuddIES – The Stoopid Interns!

We tend to get some AWESOME interns here at the Stoodio, and the Fall ones are no exception. Meet Taylor, Dylan, and John! Always wondered what it’s like being an intern at Stoopid Buddy? These three are giving some exclusive insider information on the magic behind the Stoopid Intern Program!

Do YOU want to be a Stoopid Intern?  The deadline to apply for our Spring session is October 31st.  If you’re a student, click here for more information and to apply!

Q: What does a typical day look like interning at Stoopid Buddy?

DYLAN: Arriving at 10, getting 8 different jobs from 3 different people, running a lot of things from one building to the other and back. Re-introducing yourself every time you walk into a new room.

 JOHN: Every day is different. Some days I’m working in production, other days I’m working with the VFX team, and other days I’m working in the design department, all of which have been an amazing experience so far. But every day starts off with some free snacks and coffee – which is always good.


Q: What is your favorite part about being a Stoopid intern?

TAYLOR: Everyone in the Stoodio is here to help me learn the different aspects of production. They have me doing projects that pertain to my major and my hopeful future career, which is definitely a breath of fresh air!

JOHN: The behind the scenes action that no one really gets to experience. You would think knowing how something is made would make it lose all its magic and appeal, but it’s the opposite. I’ve seen about every step of the process and still in my head I’m thinking, “ are you going to do that? Nope… I still don’t know where you’re going with this,” and then all of a sudden it’s all complete, beautiful and awesome. I still don’t believe it.


Q: What have you learned since starting your internship?

DYLAN: How to work a copy machine, a coffee machine, the dilemma of having food available all the time vs. eating all of it. Also, small things, like how an animation studio works and how loud a dry ice bomb is.

TAYLOR: As cliché as it sounds…..TEAMWORK!  With the inclusion of us interns, working here has shown me how collaboration and communication are two of the most important aspects in order to get any job done.


Q: What’s one thing you wish to accomplish during your time at Stoopid Buddy?

DYLAN: For someone to be sick one day and I take their office and pretend to be the new guy and everyone just goes along with it. Like in that 80’s movie. Either that or job experience.

TAYLOR: Taking a goofy picture in the photo booth, duh!


Q: If there was an apocalypse and you had to hide out in the Stoodio, where would it be?

JOHN:  Human Resources? Something just tells me “Apocolypse?” got to HR!

TAYLOR: Definitely the arcade.  Why not have some fun during all the chaos?

DYLAN:  Now that’s a tough one…  If it’s a socio-political apocalypse, I’d probably hide in the copy room so that if marauders come, I can prove that I have worth by making copies for them. If it’s your more run-of-the-mill zombie apocalypse, I’d hide in the set shop because all the tools there would make good weapons. If it’s an alien apocalypse, I’d hide IN Stoop-Bot, so that I could use him like the loader in Aliens and fight them off.*



Q: What advice do you have for someone wanting to be a Stoopid intern?

 JOHN: Apply!!! Stay calm. Be cool. You’re wonderful.