Spirit of the Stoodio Award – Sean Malony



Back in 2012, Sean Malony entered the doors of Stoopid Buddy Stoodios as an intern with a passion for animation¬†and a Bunyanesque work ethic. These days, you can find Sean working away on the animation stages as a full-fledged animator for such projects as WWE: Slam City, SuperMansion, and Robot Chicken. So, why is Sean receiving this award? It might have something to do with his marathon speed-animating stint on episode 10 of SuperMansion, where he logged an unbelievable 45 second shot in LESS THAN 2 DAYS! That’s not just fast, that’s Usain-Bolt-on-a-japanese-bullet-train-fast! In the words of fellow Buddy, Aaron Umetani (camera department), “They call him ‘The Midwife’…because he’s always delivering.”

So here’s to you, Mr. Midwife: Thank you for your hard work and for being a truly inspirational Buddy!