Spirit of the Stoodio Award – Joe Cool



You have a lot to live up to when you share a name with Snoopy’s suave and mysterious alter-ego, but our Buddy, Joe Cool, did just that and more. As one of the flagship Production Assistant/Runners in our brand new operations department, Joe helped facilitate the Stoodio’s expansion into our two newest buildings, which meant constantly running between our main production hub and our new buildings and fixing them up with furniture, computers, stages, and basically anything that a workplace needs to be workable! You could always find him running to the rescue with his trademark red cape, and if anyone deserved to be wearing a cape this month, it was Joe. Thanks for all your hard work, Joe!

(Since receiving the Spirit of the Stoodio award, Joe waved goodbye to the Stoodio in oder to pursue a new, Cool life in Seattle. All of his Buddies wish him the best of luck 0n his new adventure!)

(It should also be noted that Joe is drinking iced coffee in the picture above. Joe Cool is drinking a cup of Joe, Cooled. That’s sort of interesting, right?)