What the Duck is a Buddy Buck?

Much like U.S. DOLLARS (USD) are the official currency of the United States, BUDDY BUCKS (BB) are the official currency within the walls of Stoopid Buddy Stoodios. Every Buddy is awarded 5 Buddy Bucks (the only denomination of BB currently in circulation) at the beginning of every month as an allowance, but they can also be earned as prizes and as rewards.


So what can you do with Buddy Bucks? Besides making it rain and diving onto a bed covered in them to make yourself feel like a big shot, BB can be exchanged for some very exciting and EXCLUSIVE Stoodio merchandise and memorabilia. Want to keep the sun out of your eyes without looking like a caveman that uses his hand for shade? Look no further than this this handsome, Bago-emblazoned Buddy trucker hat!


Tired of sitting in a well-lit room all day? For 15 BB, try sitting in a VERY DARK room for a few hours with the very popular AMC movie tickets!


There are many more amazing things that Buddy Bucks can buy at the Stoopid Buddy Stoodios store. From pizza parties ALL THE WAY to bagel parties, the store has it all! “But Stoopid Buddy Stoodios Blog…” you’re asking yourself, “what about my rich, luxurious tastes? What can I buy with Buddy Bucks that will satiate my desire to live large and rub my success in the faces of lesser people?” Well, for a mere 50 BB, be the envy of everyone you’ve ever met with an extraordinarily rare 24(ish) carat gold bago patch.


Keep your computer tuned to the blog for more behind-the-scenes peeks inside the Stoodio!