Spirit of the Stoodio Award – Marta Da Costa


This month, the Stoodio honors Marta Da Costa for her achievement in being one heck, nay, one HELL of a coordinator for the puppet department. The Stoodios is currently in production on the still-very-under-wraps Buddy Thunderstruck, but we can say that there are a lot of brand new puppets in this show, and they’re unlike anything the Stoodio has made before, so Marta has worked tireless to create brand new systems of organization for the puppet department and has literally been everywhere at once to make sure puppets are getting completed and delivered to the stages quickly. We thank you, Marta, for your hard work, your positive attitude, and your delicious brain brilliant mind! Here’s the poem written for Marta that was recited at her tear-filled award ceremony (the tears were ours, not hers).


Hey all you fine, fine folks,

We’ve got a new SOS, and it’s no joke

For today, the day meant for foolery,

There is nobody cooler than she!

. . .

This buddy has been with us from the start

From intern to puppets, she’s shown a lot of heart.

She’s got a can-do attitude, positive vibes, and is super funny

This buddy is so cheery and bright; she’ll make a dark room seem sunny.

. . .

She sculpts, she jokes, she delivers Artichoke(s)

All the traits that make a great buddy, this gal evokes.

Like our very own superhero, she flies between buildings

Protecting our precious puppets from evil-doings

. . .

You all know her, you all love her, maybe more than pasta

Come on up here, Marta Da Costa