Buddy Builds at PAX East


If you’ve been following our social media, you probably already know about our Buddy Builds department’s most recent project: a giant walk-around costume of the ghastly and terrifying character THRESH from the even more terrifyingly popular video game League of Legends.


Thresh just made his public debut at PAX east, a video game expo in Boston, MA, where convention-goers were able to pose with the imposing skeleton-spirit-shadow-spector-thing, take pictures, and even GET THEIR SOULS TRAPPED IN HIS TORTUROUS AND HORRIFYING LANTERN!


Our Buddy Builds team worked impossibly hard to bring this Legend to life, and the results are truly spectacular. The costume stands at an improbable 13 feet tall over its victims, but because of the special lightweight materials chosen for every aspect of the costume to ensure comfort for the performer, it weighs in at less than 100 lbs.


Our team was thrilled to partner up with our Buddies at 4 itchy Tasty! Cosplay for this amazing build, and they would like to thank everyone for waiting in line to spend some time with Thresh at Pax East. Check out more sweet photos from the build below!