SuperMansion VFX Reel

With the second season of SuperMansion underway, we here at the Stoodio are getting nostalgic for the old days (i.e. like a year ago) when we were working on season 1. To celebrate that magical time, we’d like to share with you this mind-blowing behind-the-scenes reel of how our VFX department made SuperMansion season 1 come to life and look absolutely gorgeous. If there were ever any doubts that we have the hardest working VFX team in the business, let this reel put those doubts to rest. Our intrepid crew, lead by VFX supervisor Jack Hamilton, pulled out all the stops for this show, and hopefully this reel will illuminate to the world just how much work goes into EVERY SINGLE SHOT!

(WARNING: Contains season 1 spoilers! If you haven’t yet seen season 1, you can start watching the whole thing RIGHT NOW for FREE on Crackle!)