Stoodio Dogs

The pet-lovers among you will be THRILLED to know that the Stoopid Buddy Stoodios offices are dog-friendly, and that makes for a daily parade of precious pooches that put smiles on all our Buddies’ faces. Now, for the first time ever, you blog-readers get an exclusive look at our stunning array of K-9 companions.

First up, the digital design department does double dog duty with Bob and Evee. (EDITOR’S NOTE: The previous sentence may contain clumsy syntax, but it was worth it to the proprietors of this blog to get a bangin’ septuple “D” alliteration.) 


Here’s Bob the shi tsu, hanging out in front of his favorite source of heat, the very noisy and VERY expensive EnvisionTEC 3D printer! Bob is docile, quiet, and doesn’t care whether you live or die. You could scream that you’re on fire and ACTUALLY BE ON FIRE and Bob would either a) keep napping or b) saunter off in a random direction.


Also in the digital design department is Evee, a corgi/somethin mix. Evee loves to nap and if you’re wondering if Evee and Bob get along and play and have fun, GUESS WHAT?! THEY DON’T! It’s unclear if they’ve even made eye contact at this point, and they’ve lived in the same room for months now.

In another wing of the Stoodio, the production office is occupied by the infamous little black chihuahua, Toto, who rules all production employees with an iron fist.


The clatter of his tiny paws on the hard Stoodio floors send chills down the spines of our crew because it usually means that he has escaped the production office and is sniffing and eating stuff that he should not eat. He’s so notorious, he’s got a wanted poster hanging on the crew photo board.


The set shop, which houses a rotating cast of dogs, is currently home to Pez.


Pez is a basenji/shiba inu mix, so her heritage SPANS CONTINENTS and she is very proud of that fact.

This is not NEARLY an exhaustive list of all the dogs that roll through this Stoodio on a daily basis, so keep an eye on this blog as we add more poochie profiles on all of our favorite mutts!