Spirit of the Stoodio: David Hunter


This month, the Spirit of the Stoodio totem pole was awarded to David Hunter, maybe the hardest working man in all of show business. David is the IT Manager for the ENTIRE STOODIO, which means he has to make sure every computer and every phone on every animation stage and every desk works properly AND make sure that the internal server network and wireless network and all the hardware and software and firmware in between is in full working order. The wonderful man even stays late and comes in on weekends to facilitate network upgrades and fixes during off hours, THAT’S HOW GOOD HE IS! So everyone please stand wherever you are and put your right hand over your heart as you read (ALOUD) David Hunter’s commemorative Spirit of the Stoodio poem:


Hey Buddies, won’t you gather round

For a new SOS is about to be crowned

Without this buddy, things would power down

When you’re in need, he’s always around.

He is able to manage all our data

While simultaneously ignoring the hatas

He helps us communicate via email and phone

He makes sure Chester never feels alone.

He keeps us all connected and was recently elected

the Viceroy of Burbank, a role he perfected.

Get on up here, you data confronter

Three Cheers for David Hunter!