Spirit of the Stoodio – Alex Kamer


For the month of December, we celebrate Stoopid Buddy Stoodios’s own Alex Kamer! Alex has been a Buddy for a very long time (he worked on Robot Chicken Season 2! We’re on season 9 now! WHAT?) and along the way he’s helped shape DOZENS of Stoodio projects as an Animation Director. Throughout all of that, he’s built a legacy of quality and fun that this Stoodio is very grateful for. We congratulate Alex on receiving this award, which he is long overdue for, and as always we will celebrate him with this perfectly executed poem, sure to bring all of its readers to tears:

There’s a buddy round here, known across the nation

as a master of the art. A guru of animation.

He speaks to the puppets. With a camera, he takes aim.

In dozens of projects, he’s had a hand in each frame.

His work ethic makes the rest of us look like lazy old poo

and honoring him with this award is long overdue.

If this poem goes any longer, it will get a lot lamer,

so let’s cut it off and give it up for one Alex effing Kamer.