Spirit of the Stoodio: Lauren Siller


This month, we celebrate Lauren Siller, our new Development Coordinator and former Executive Assistant. Lauren worked double-duty for a long time, holding down BOTH of those grueling positions while she was training a replacement, and THAT IS NO SMALL FEAT! Lauren was previously responsible for organizing all of the Spirit of the Stoodio festivities and, through sheer generosity and humility, never once appointed the award to herself. That’s class.

Lauren is truly a treasure at this Stoodio, and her infectious smile and tenacity are an inspiration to everyone AND EVERYTHING that crosses her path. That’s right. We’ve seen traffic cones get inspired to help out around the Stoodio when Lauren walks by. She’s that good. To truly honor this great buddy, let us all now take a moment to stand, take off our hats, shut up for a second, and read the ceremonial Spirit of the Stoodio poem:

Upstairs dwells a special buddy

Who’s smile and laugh will make your day sunny

She’s got brains and skills that we should all covet

When we ask her for everything, she’s never above it

She’s had very many nights of working very late

Balancing two positions and still being great

The majesty of Wonder Woman and strength of the Terminator

That’s what it takes to be a great Development Coordinator

She should have won this award sooner, without a doubt

But you can’t win the award, if you’re the one planning it out

But now she’s moved up, so let’s raise our Millers

This month’s Spirit of the Stoodio goes to Ms. Lauren Siller