LEGO iTunes Takeover

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Stoopid Buddy Stoodios is no stranger to LEGO. It’s, arguably, our favorite toy. In fact, no argument, LEGO is the best toy ever, and we love working with it. From the end credits of The LEGO Movie to a the LEGO Scooby-Doo web shorts, to countless Robot Chicken sketches, we thought we’d done just about everything you could do with LEGO. But then, LEGO Batman came along, and to celebrate it’s digital release, we have teamed up with LEGO, Warner Bros., and the geniuses at iTunes to help stage a LEGO TAKEOVER of the iTunes store!

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For a limited time, some of your favorite movies in the iTunes store have been LEGO-ized! And these beautiful movie posters were built, photographed, and VFX’d right here at the Stoodio by our incredibly talented crew! This is just a sampling of what titles have been affected by the LEGO virus. Go to the iTunes store yourself and see if you can find any more.

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