Spirit of the Stoodio: Allison Monterosso


Here at Stoopid Buddy we love to show our appreciation for members of the Stoodio who are always going above and beyond to show their team spirit. Sometimes this means someone who is always there for other artists, or someone who always makes people smile, or even someone who just loves to show off our Stoopid accomplishments on social media. We love seeing people who love being part of this team, and that’s why we have the Spirit of the Stoodio Award.

The most recent winner of this highly coveted* award is none other than Allison Monterosso.

In her honor we present this poem:

This special buddy
Comes from a spot
Where the pace is fast
And the Streets are Hot

She’s been called the engine
That keeps everything going
We make her move buildings
And her smile keeps glowing

She’s friendly, she’s thoughtful
Her work ethic slays
She’s always on top of it
On the busiest of days

You could definitely call her
A 2D virtuoso
Spirit of the Stoodio
Goes to Allison Monterosso

*You want it. Trust.