Spirit of the Stoodio: Mario De Jesus


There’s something that makes Stoopid Buddy Stoodios stand out among the crowd. It helps us create and produce amazing projects. This special “something” is the people we get to work with everyday. We like to honor these hardworking, talented, and vital parts of our team with the Spirit of the Stoodio Award. The latest winner is none other than Mario De Jesus.

[the image above is a reenactment of the award ceremony. Some artistic liberties were taken.]

And now, a poem…

A diligent leader with a big ole heart

This buddy of ours has been loyal from the start

Look out for his fun side — It’s rare but hearty

If you want to catch a glance, make it out to next year’s holiday party

Beautiful mane of hair and a clipboard in hand

Nothing is impossible under this buddy’s command

He’s our favorite enigma — Mysterious and Abstruse

Spirit of the Stoodio goes to Mario De Jesus

/snaps fingers