Spirit of the Stoodio: Mike Mangan


Every so often we honor the fine people who work with us at Stoopid Buddy Stoodios with a highly prestigious award known as the Spirit of the Stoodio Award. This award is a symbol of how hard our amazing employees work every day. The latest recipient of this award is none other than Mike Mangan. To honor Mike, here’s a poem that truly captures his essence. Enjoy.

He holds the highest score on Galaga
In the Stoopid Buddy kitchen
He’s a freakin pinball wizard
And all his cuts are bitchin’

Although he loves bad action movies
Like Krull and Highlander 2
He works his tail off on all projects
And will always be nice to you

When it comes to post
His skillz be bangin’

Spirit of the Stoodio
Goes to Mr. Mike Mangan