Spirit of the Stoodio: Matt Sheldon


As much as it seems like there’s a magic TV fairy that poofs your favorite programming into existence, it turns out things are a bit more complicated than that. We have so many amazing people working ’round the clock to bring you some awesome shows, and this month we’re celebrating Matt Sheldon, one of our assistant directors working tirelessly on the upcoming season of SuperMansion! And to celebrate his dedication, the customary Spirit of the Stoodio poem:
To succeed at the Stoodio it’s said
It takes a level temper and a clear head.
This Buddy, you’ll see, has both of those,
His peers would say he’s “cool and composed.”
You might know that this honoree,
Used to be in Reality TV.
He rides to work on his hog,
And hunted bounties with the famous “Dog”
The stresses of SuperMansion Season 3
Are comfortably eased by this AD.
If we were going to give anyone a resounding “Well done!”
It would be this month’s Spirit of the Stoodio: Matt Sheldon!