Spirit of the Stoodio: Lee Young

When yer workin’ hard on set, it’s always important to have that one person you go to that has a grip on things. A rock solid team player that always has an answer and makes sure things are steady as they go! Hey, speaking of grip – we wanted to recognize the camera operator of Crossing Swords: Lee Young! Lee makes sure our puppets were framed JUST RIGHT, our sets were all lit, and everything for Crossing Swords was lookin’ like the best dang production you ever did see! Lee, without you, we’d be in all sorts of mess. That’s why you’re our July Spirit of the Stoodio!


And now, a poem!

There are some who do great deeds without question,
But rare is the buddy who bleeds for their profession.
So tonight we would like to acclaim and reward
The Buddy most willing to “fall on their sword”.

Cruisin’ in a Saturn Wagon, some say it’s his flagship,
This Buddy is esteemed as “Helder’s 4th favorite grip”
So three cheers for this bud, our hero unsung,
The Spirit of the Stoodio, Lee Mitchell Young.