Spirit of the Stoodio: Christian Ibarra

This next take may sound a bit unorthodox, but you can’t have an animation studio without animators. And you better believe that we’ve got the best of the best!

Christian Ibarra has been with the Stoodio for a long long time, animating on SuperMansion, Robot Chicken, a bunch of our spots, and you best believe he’s gonna be busy with some of our upcoming projects! Christian is a dang perfect example of what makes the Stoodio such an amazing place to create. In fact, we like him so much, we drew up a poem JUST for him.

Christian Ibarra

Buddies it’s time to honor a friend,
Who’s love for animation has no end.
A fan of acai, and a sculptor at heart,
So many praises for this buddy, where do we start?

He draws for the masses, demons so sour
If you’re around him it’s so hard to glower.
Now let’s laud that person, their greatness aglow
Christian Ibarra, this month’s Spirit of the Stoodio!

Thank ya for making Stoopid Buddy such a crazy awesome place to work, Christian!