From the delightful mind of Charlie Hankin comes a series about the planets best worst roommate.

The Summoner follows Rory, who moves in with an alien with great cosmic powers: the ability to summon any object in existence. It’s a power that would make him the perfect roommate, if only he understood half the things Rory was talking about…

Featuring the voices of Charlie Hankin and Cree Summer, you can catch the summer, airing now on SYFY!

We gotta admit, TikTok has us OB-SESSED.

It wasn’t long into our fifth hour of scrolling on a Monday when we realized “Hmm… this would be a GREAT place to show off some of our content.” And so after a stern talkin’ to, we immediately hopped back on, started the Stoopid Buddy account on TikTok, and started lookin’ at all yer stuff!

Once we started posting, it was over. Now you can join us and watch TikTok exclusive content on our channel. And let us know what kinda content you wanna see. We’re takin’ requests!

Join us on all of our adventures on TikTok!

Last year, Hulu announced Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K. will be bringing his own brand of evil to your screens. And now, thanks to the power of reveal trailers, we know EXACTLY when!

May 21, 2021 is when you’ll get to see the yellow-tech-encased AIM leader at his absolute evilest! Starring Patton Oswalt, Melissa Fumero, Aimee Garcia, and Ben Schwartz, we’re bringin’ you some of the funniest most explosive adventures you’ve ever seen, straight outta the Marvel Universe!

This isn’t the last you’ve heard of M.O.D.O.K. ahead of his big premiere, so keep an eye out. There’s a lot more a-comin!

It’s the television event that leaves us scratching our heads every – flippin’ – season.

The Masked Singer is BACK March 10th, and the world finally got their first glimpse at what our Buddy Builds team has been workin’ so hard at for so long!

Snail, Robo-Porcupine, Russian Stacking Dolls, Grandpa Monster, and Russian Dolls… they’re just a few of the costumes that our Buddy Builds team worked tirelessly on. And as we keep on saying, we don’t know who’s underneath any of the masks, so don’t ask!

Season 5 of The Masked Singer premieres March 10 on Fox. Don’t miss out on all of the magnificent musical magic brought to you by the champs that are our Buddy Builds team!

Fortify your doors and dig up whatever anti-chimp spray you can find. Season 2 of Blark & Son is HERE, baby!

We didn’t think we could make it any bigger, or bolder, or monkey… er, but somehow we did it! Now available in its entirety on Comedy Central, you can binge the second season of Blark & Son right now. (And for old time’s sake, why not knock out the first one a few times as well?)

Hit up Twitter, let us know what you think. And let us know if you wanna see MORE Blark & Son!

One of the questions we get asked the most? Where’s Blark? What happened to Son?? What’s the meaning of it all???

Well, we got two-thirds of your answers RIGHT HERE! From creators Ben Bayouth and Adam Aseraf, Blark & Son Season 2 is finally coming! The Instagram show turned Comedy Central series is heading to Comedy Central’s YouTube channel on January 30th. To satiate your Blark-fueled appetite, we’ve got the Season 2 trailer for ya down below.

Blark your calendars, and get ready for the raunchiest family comedy to return in just a few weeks. I LOVE YOU SON!!

It’s out! It’s finally out! The music is flowin’ through us and the costumes are lookin’ as good as ever! The Masked Dancer is now on Fox, and we have our Buddy Builds team to thank for it!

Spinning-off, tapping-off, and twirling-off The Masked Singer, The Masked Dancer is a limited series event that could feature ANYONE underneath those masks! Of course, in order to make these one-of-a-kind Builds, Fox turned to our Buddy Builds team, who’s been buildin’ costumes for The Masked Singer ever since season two!

Of course, with the whole idea of the show in mind, for range of motion, our builders had to build a slightly sleeker set of costumes, but still make them mind-blowing enough to keep audiences tuning in! The Masked Singer is now on Fox, and we’ll have a ball guessing who’s who underneath each mask (and watching Ken Jeong’s reactions the entire time…) We say this every season, but you absolutely killed it on the dance floor, Buddy Builds!

When you’re build build buildin’ like crazy, sometimes a little extra help is needed in the shop! Enter Rob Saunders as the newest addition to our long line of executive producers!

While a relatively new addition to the Stoodio, Rob Saunders is no stranger to our inner workings. Having a hand in the early seasons of Robot Chicken, along with other puppet and Builds-involved productions from Marvel, Disney Channel, and DC Comics, we know you’re going to see a BIT of an uptick from our Builds Crew in the future. There’s a lot comin’ your way.

Rob’s already begun to set the table for us, and we can’t wait to show you what’s in store. Join us in greeting Rob Saunders to the Stoodio, we’re beyond excited!

For more details on Rob’s work, follow this link!

It is with great pleasure and pride that we introduce to you one of the newest buddies to join us at Stoopid Buddy Stoodios – Jasmine Johnson!

Stepping into a brand new role, Jasmine is our newly designated Head of Studio. As we take on a larger slate with more projects to be added, Jasmine will be responsible for making sure that things run smoothly at the Stoodio during the day to day. She’ll also be ensuring that productions are running smoothly and that we’re on schedule so we can make sure that you’re getting only the best in entertainment.

Of Jasmine, legacy Buddy and Stoodio co-owner, Eric Towner said “Jasmine is a world-class executive whose leadership will help us grow and run the day-to-day operations of the studio. We look forward to working alongside her and are thrilled to welcome her to the Stoopid Buddy Stoodios team.”

So join us in welcoming Jasmine to the Stoodio. We can’t wait to see what we accomplish with her working along with us!

Find out more about Jasmine’s role at the Stoodio here.

This pandemic’s hit us all in such strange ways, even the sausages are startin’ to act up!

With so many Los Angeles businesses being affected by the pandemic, Battery Agency devised an amazing way to assist, and there’s no way we couldn’t say no to such a great cause!

“An Idea for LA” called on local businesses who needed a marketing makeover to help reach out to their audiences and help them grow during these troubling times. In the end, two businesses were picked, and Seoul Sausage was one of those two to receive a series of spots, free of charge, which were created by drumroll Stoopid Buddy Stoodios!

In the spots that we created, a surly sausage (voiced by friend of the Stoodio, the one and only Donald Faison!) is couch-ridden as he mulls to himself about split-ups, sausagey scents, and screaming soulful solos. And just a behind-the-scenes tidbit, nearly everything was created practically – from the comfy lookin’ couch, to the movements of the actual sausage. Motion-tracking was used to make sure the facial features were tracked juuuuust right!

We couldn’t be happier to help support local businesses, especially with the future of everything being so uncertain. We’d love for you to check out all three spots. And let us know what you think! At the very least, it would cheer the sausage up just a little bit!

The list of rogues in Marvel’s history is endless. But there’s one thing that terrifies us more than any single snap of an Infinity Gauntlet could ever do… the mundane redundancies of everyday liiiiiife!

Enter Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K. the iconic Marvel villain with a really big head and a really little body, who struggles to maintain control of his evil organization and his demanding family.

Coming to Hulu in 2021 and created by Jordan Blum, M.O.D.O.K stars Patton Oswalt as the titular villain. He’ll be accompanied by the voice talents of Aimee Garcia, Melissa Fumero, and Ben Schwartz.

Check out the New York Comic-Con panel featuring the cast of Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K. and brace yourself for the mundanely thrilling (thrillingly mundane?) world of operating an evil corporation!

The seedy underbelly of Ultra City is about to be exposed, and we’re gonna rub that belly until we get the answers we’re lookin’ for in Ultra City Smiths, a brand new stop-motion animated series coming to AMC.

The story of Ultra City Smiths follows two detectives, sniffing out corruption all at the incredibly high cost to themselves and their families. The endgame? Trying to figure out the mysterious disappearance of Ultra City’s most prestigious magnate.

The big twist? We’ll be repurposing baby dolls as a grown-up cast as they scour the city for clues and dig deeper than they’ve ever dug before.

This six-episode series is schedule to premiere in 2021. Stay tuned for more details on the big premiere of Ultra City Smiths on AMC.

Learn more about Ultra City Smiths.

Our library of 2D animated programs is beginning to grow even more epic! The Summoner is coming to SYFY’s late-night animation block TZGZ for a series of 10 three-minute long episodes!

From creator and New Yorker cartoonist Charlie Hankin, The Summoner is based on the stories of twenty-something Rory, and his magical alien roommate, The Summoner, who can summon any object in the universe to his present location. Useful IN THEORY, until you take into account that The Summoner doesn’t have the greatest grasp on the English language.

The Summoner was chosen for its experimental look and odd situations that will invariably play out. Choose your words carefully, and be on the lookout for The Summoner, coming to TZGZ in 2021!

The League of Buddies is gettin’ bigger today! Be on the lookout for a lotta new epic spots, because advertising veteran Steve Bastien is joining the team!

With 20+ years of experience in advertising, you can bet yer gonna be seeing a lot more quirky, silly, cute, and just plain wild spots coming in the next few years. It’s always been our goal to extend our reach as far as it will go, and we know that Steve is gonna be able to help us extend it even further than that!

“Stoopid Buddy Stoodios is known for their unbridled creativity and humor, with a triple-A reputation and incredible culture,” said Bastien. “I look forward to working with Seth, Matt, Harv, Towner and the entire Stoopid Buddy Stoodios team.” And with a glowing review like that, Steve’s made us uncontrollably blush!

So be on the lookout, because we’ve got a buncha new Spots coming your way that we just know you’re gonna love!

We’re no strangers to live action, and come September 2020, we’ll be working our magic once more in the live action realm.

Woke follows Keef Knight, an African-American cartoonist on the verge of mainstream success. But things all change when an unexpected incident changes his life. Pretty soon, he starts seeing hallucinations and begins to interact with the everyday objects around him.

And who brought those objects to life?? Weeeee might have had a hand in that! Woke is a live-action series coming to Hulu with fantastical talking inanimate objects that were animated by yours truly. Our amazing team at Buddy Builds built the larger scale puppets, and our wonderful post department added the visual effects. It’s a trippy treat that we know you’re gonna love, and every single episode of Woke is comin’ to Hulu on September 9th. We can’t wait to treat your eyeballs!

Thank you thank you thank you!

If yer readin’ this, holy kitten orphanages, we can’t thank you enough for tuning in and letting us know what you think! In less than a week after it’s first season premiere on Hulu, Crossing Swords is already confirmed for a second season. That means ten more episodes of fantasy adventure, gallantry, mystery, and most importantly, twisted medieval humor. Can you tell from our faces that we’re at least a little bit over-the-moon excited!?

Season one of Crossing Swords is now streaming on Hulu. Don’t miss out on the binge!


Hear ye, hear ye! Can’st thou believe it? (We’ll stop talking like this now…)

We can finally say it! And we couldn’t be happier to! Crossing Swords is finally out on Hulu! All 10 incredibly binge-able episodes are live for you to enjoy! Created by John Harvatine IV and Tom Root, Crossing Swords is whatcha get when you mix medieval adventure with the oh so deliciously crude humor that you know and love us for. Seriously, it’s really crude. Don’t let the kiddies see this one…

Crossing Swords features the voice talents of Nicholas Hoult, Luke Evans, Adam Pally, Alanna Ubach, Seth Green, Tony Hale, Adam Ray, Tara Strong, Maya Erskine, and a cacophony of other talented actors in this raunchy romp that you can now bless your TV, tablet, phone, or whatever with!

Crossing Swords Season 1 is now available for you to enjoy. We’re super proud of this one, we hope you’ll embark with us on this adventure!

It’s here, it’s here! It’s finally here! We’ve been oh so dying for you to get your first ever look at our newest show, Crossing Swords, and now you can get all the looks in the world!

Starring a huge cast of talent, including Nicholas Hoult, Adam Ray, Tara Strong, Tony Hale, Luke Evans, Seth Green, Alanna Ubach, Adam Pally, Yvette-Nicole Brown, Maya Erskine, Breckin Meyer, and Wendi McClendon-Covey, Crossing Swords centers around a good-hearted peasant dreaming of knighthood, who becomes a squire at the royal castle. But he quickly finds out that his dream job isn’t everything he’d hoped it would be.

Crossing Swords was forged by the minds of John Harvatine IV and Tom Root, who have been involved with your favorites like Robot Chicken, Buddy Thunderstruck, SuperMansion, and those oh-so awesome Goldfish spots. Now, you can feast your eyeballs on the Crossing Swords teaser right here! Just be warned, it’s incredibly NSFW and incredibly uncensored.

The entire first season of Crossing Swords rides its way to Hulu on June 12. Mark thine calendars!

When we first opened our doors, never in a million years would we have guessed that we would have snagged the nomination for killing almost all of Santa Claus’ North Pole crew with a beloved eighties action/horror icon, but here we are!

Thank you to our incredibly talented team at the Stoodio, we received TWO Webby Awards nominations. First on the list? The Predator Holiday special, which has been nominated for best Branded Animated Video.

And following up, hot on the Predator’s trail is the Robot Chicken trailer we animated for last year’s DC movie, Shazam! The trailer has been nominated for best Video – General Video Trailer.

And as much as we LOVE being nominated, winning would be even MORE epic. Which is why we need your votes! To help us snag both Webby Awards, we’d love it if you popped on by and voted for both of our productions. We’ll love you forever for your support, and as always, we thank you for allowing us to make and animate so much fun stuff! To the Webby Awards!
Vote here for Predator
Vote here for Shazam!


You might wanna stock up on catnip, kibble, and newspaper. You’re gonna wanna be prepared when your phone is overrun by a litter of Filthy Animals!

Coming to the brand new mobile content app, Quibi, Filthy Animals is a 2D animated series that “centers on Sunny Day, a too smart for her own good, lonely 12-year-old suburban middle schooler who befriends a selfish, renegade, messy, suave adoptive cat, Cruz.”

Filthy Animals is written by Nikolai and Simon Haas, and will star Rashida Jones as Sunny Day. And of course, yours truly will be producing it, right here, at Stoopid Buddy Stoodios!

While there’s still a long road ahead, we truly can’t wait for you to rock your mobile device with Filthy Animals. Stay tuned!

Kevin Davies

As an animation studio, it’s important that we animate every now and again. It’s what allows us to keep that title. And one very important role at Stoopid Buddy Stoodios is Animation Coordinator. It’s important that our animators are well equipped, scheduled, and have everything they need to keep those puppets a-movin’

Kevin Davies is the animation coordinator at the Stoodio that does all of those things (and quite frankly, a heck of a lot more!) He’s a board game and fantasy fanatic, and he will TROUNCE you in Smash Ultimate with his Zelda. We gotta hand it to Kevin, especially because he’s handed us so much already.

Buddies, here we all stand to honor this coordinating master.
With his notebook in hand, our schedules are spared from disaster

When it comes to Smash, better stay in your lane.
No one can beat him when he’s got Zelda as his main.

He’s the savior of animation. We love him, and everyone agrees!
So let’s bring forth the adulation for our Spirit of the Stoodio, Kevin Davies!


Hear ye! Hear ye! Crossing Swords is finally making its way to your TV! …or phone… or tablet… or computer…

Crossing Swords is a brand new stop-motion series coming from us, Stoopid Buddy Stoodios! Created by John Harvatine IV and Tom Root, you’ll follow goodhearted wannabe-hero Patrick. After landing his dream job as a squire, he learns the royal castle is a corrupt hornet’s nest of horny monarchs, crooks and charlatans.

We’ve also got a rich cast lined up for ya, including Nicholas Hoult, Adam Ray, Tara Strong, Tony Hale, Luke Evans, Seth Green, Alanna Ubach, Adam Pally, Yvette-Nicole Brown, Maya Erskine, Breckin Meyer and Wendi McClendon Covey!

We worked SUPER hard on making Crossing Swords a reality, and we can’t wait for you to see it all when it comes to Hulu on June 12th. Prepare for adventure, just be wary of the plague…

Would ya believe it’s been the better part of a decade that Micro Mayhem floored its way onto the internet? We made things zip, zoom, explode, and built some TOTALLY EXTREME rivalries in such a short video!

Micro Mayhem! from Stoopid Buddy Stoodios on Vimeo.

Short video you say? Hey, that sounds like a Quibi thing! And wouldn’t ya know? That’s exactly where Micro Mayhem is headed! The series, created by Eric Towner, will be heading to your phones and tablets as a short-form series in 2020.

Micro Mayhem will be executive produced by Towner, John Harvatine IV, Seth Green, Matt Senreich, Chris Waters, eOne and Jon Favreau’s Golem Creations. Stay tuned for more info, coming soon. And don’t worry, we’re saving shotgun for ya!

Stop-motion animation is a LOT of work. The animation process itself takes a lot of time and a lot of stages. Our animators get anywhere from 8-10 seconds of actual animating done each day, but everything that has to go down BEFORE the actual animation, well… that’s where Sam Gerken comes in.

Sam is part of our camera and lighting crew. He helps set up stages, pre-light, and make sure everything is ready before the animator even steps foot on the stage. They do a bunch of heavy lifting and major tweaking to make sure the light is juuuuuust right! Sam’s part of a team that makes everything possible. So for February, it only made sense that the totem made its way to Sam’s posession!

Sam Gerken

Buddies, let this be the preamble
As we celebrate and as we assemble.
This buddy can source what you want in a flash
His work is meticulous, never slapdash.

When it comes to equipment this buddy knows plenty
Especially when helping to set up 220
So applaud a buddy eager and hard workin’
This month’s Spirit of the Stoodio, the astounding Sam Gerken!

LEGO Masters! It’s the one competition where if you step on a brick on your bare feet, it could all be over!

Now airing on Fox, LEGO Masters is the competitive reality series where ten teams compete to see who the best builders are, and for a shot at $100,000, a LEGO Masters trophy, and the legendary title of LEGO Master. (And of course to be graced by the ever always amazing Will Arnett.)

Screen Shot 2020-02-10 at 10.58.41 AM

Well, as you know, any show with this much mastery involved needs a buncha stop-motion segments to REALLY bring things to life, and hey, we might know some people…

All season long, keep your eyeballs vigilant as we bring to life the creations that these aspiring LEGO Masters have assembled before you. Our animators aren’t only proficient with puppets, they’re just as limber with LEGO blocks, and you can see proof on each episode of LEGO Masters this season!

Screen Shot 2020-02-10 at 11.04.27 AM

LEGO Masters airs on Fox every Wednesday at 8/7c!

Is January too soon to start thinkin’ about the holidays? Never! Wethinks!

This holiday season, 2020, yer gonna be getting a solid dose of stop-motion delivered straight to yer TV! No chimney necessary.

Coming to Fox for the holidays, Stoopid Buddy Stoodios is bringin’ you a stop-motion holiday special that brings together some well-known holiday representatives, as well as some not-so-popular ones (ok, so maybe we’re just makin’ them up.)

Directed by John Harvatine IV, with Seth Green, Harvatine, Tom Root, Matthew Senreich and Eric Towner as executive producers, you know there are gonna be laughs of the raunchiest, holliest, jolliest variety. There are plenty of details still to come. Don’t worry, we’ll guide you to ’em with our glowing red nose as soon as things are ready. Stay tuned!

…and we get to help. Woo!

While we’ve been a home for all projects stop-motion for, sheesh, something like 8 years at this point, we’re finally taking on a major claymation project! From the mind of Rick & Morty creator Justin Roiland, Gloop World is a brand new adventure coming to your phone and tablet through streaming service Quibi!


Gloop World is described as a clay-based stop-motion series that chronicles the absurd but strangely relatable lives of roommates Bob Roundy and Funzy, two anthropomorphic blobs who navigate the malleable suburbia and outskirts of Gloop World.

As you’ll quickly notice, Gloop World draws inspiration from one of the most beloved claymation cartoons of all time, Gumby! Just imagine it with more of a Justin Roiland meets Stoopid Buddy twist, interpret that how you will.

Gloop World will be directed by our VERY OWN John Harvatine IV and produced by Eric Towner, Matt Senreich, and Seth Green. Make sure your devices warranties are up-to-date, they’re aboutta get GLOOPY!

So this is how it ends for the big guy. Santa Claus is dead on a moving train, SOMEONE IS A SUSPECT, and Jesus is gonna get to the bottom of it! It wouldn’t be a Season of Robot Chicken without a Christmas episode to go along with it, now would it??

Join Jesus, Krampus, Frosty, and a who’s who of other holiday icons in what might be the sheistiest Christmas special ever! ‘Robot Chicken’s Santa’s Dead (Spoiler Alert) Holiday Murder Thing Special’ stars Ariel Winter, Susan Sarandon, Ross Marquand, Mark Hamill, George Takei, and might be our favorite way to round out the decade (we’re not biased!)

The new special rips, it roars, it’s gonna have everything you need to make you extra suspicious of your friends and loved ones this Christmas. Nothing like a little added tension right around the holidays!

Like clockwork, we’re busy each and every year when it comes to the holidays. Not only did we help Pentatonix with their album this year, but we lent a hand to Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy, Goofy, and Pluto as well!

A knockout project, and we seem to have saved Mickey’s Christmas! Kudos to the Buddy Spots team for making yet another magical and memorable Disney masterpiece!

Pentatonix is like the band that was MADE for Christmas, and the fact that they came to us to make the short to promote “The Best of Pentatonix Christmas” put the jingle in our bells, the spice in our cider, the stripes on our candy cane! Needless to say, the fact that we got to make something so seasonally unique, we’ll be over the moon for many Christmases to come!

Check out the stop motion video brought to you by our Spots team! And you can bet your cookies that we’ve got even more in the pipeline coming your way!

The holidays came early this year! Last year, our astounding Spots team tickled us blood red with The Predator Holiday Special. What happens when The Predator tries to sneak into the North Pole? Well, let’s just say Santa and his elves are equipped to retaliate!

And it turns out an alien hunter taking on one of the most beloved Christmas icons is award-worthy (who woulda guessed??) This year, at the 2019 Clio Awards, The Predator Holiday Special walked away the GRAND WINNER for Home Entertainment: Original Content. Truly the trophy we received is one beautiful motherf- well, you get it…


If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the spot down below! And if you liked it, you best believe that there’s even more magic coming from the Stoopid Buddy Spots team. Don’t worry, we’ve got tons of ideas!

When it comes to our Spots team, they’re seriously champs at making our mouths water. And they’ve succeeded YET AGAIN with this phenomenal spot for organic chocolate from Artisan Kettle. If there’s one team you can rely on to make delectable dancing desserts, it’s the Stoopid Buddy Spots team!

Directed by David Brooks and in collaboration with Planet Propaganda, we gotta say, this commercial would satisfy the sweetest of sweet tooths just by lookin’ at it. Amazing job team. And we already can’t wait to see what you’re working on next!

It’s official! Our very own Insta-series turned web-series is a mega hit! And after several solid months of biting our nails, waiting for the thumbs up, we got it! Blark & Son is coming back for a second season!

The runaway hit, created by Ben Bayouth and Adam Aseraf will be getting a cacophony of new episodes heading to Comedy Central’s web platform. We can only expect that our door budget will be astronomical, thanks to Blark, but it’s gonna ALLL be worth it when we have a buncha new episodes to roll around in.

Season 1 of Blark & Son starred Ben Bayouth as Blark, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Son, and also featured the voices of Donald Faison, Justin Roiland, Deborah Baker Jr, Patton Oswalt, and Jim Rash. Be on the lookout for new episodes coming your way soon!

This next take may sound a bit unorthodox, but you can’t have an animation studio without animators. And you better believe that we’ve got the best of the best!

Christian Ibarra has been with the Stoodio for a long long time, animating on SuperMansion, Robot Chicken, a bunch of our spots, and you best believe he’s gonna be busy with some of our upcoming projects! Christian is a dang perfect example of what makes the Stoodio such an amazing place to create. In fact, we like him so much, we drew up a poem JUST for him.

Christian Ibarra

Buddies it’s time to honor a friend,
Who’s love for animation has no end.
A fan of acai, and a sculptor at heart,
So many praises for this buddy, where do we start?

He draws for the masses, demons so sour
If you’re around him it’s so hard to glower.
Now let’s laud that person, their greatness aglow
Christian Ibarra, this month’s Spirit of the Stoodio!

Thank ya for making Stoopid Buddy such a crazy awesome place to work, Christian!

We gotta be honest. When we first heard the premise for The Masked Singer, our first thoughts were “SIGN US… UP!” Seriously, you should see the thumbtacks and strings all over our wall as we try and figure out who’s underneath each mask!

Well this year, we may have freaked out a little when we got asked to CREATE some of the masks for The Masked Singer. But we knew that if anyone could do it, our Buddy Builds department could! So when you’re tuning in this season, turn your attention towards the flamingo, egg, thingamajig, leopard, skeleton, black widow, and butterfly. Because while we might not know who’s wearing the masks, we sure as shoot know who made ’em, and they did a rockin’ job!


So in caaaaaaaase you didn’t hear, Season 10 of Robot Chicken kiiiiiiinda premieres this weekend. And to celebrate this rip-roaring milestone, we got to work with Adult Swim to take over their Instagram Stories! And aside from quickly deleting a few awkwardly faced selfies, we’d say it went pretty well!

In case you missed the tour of the Stoodio, we got to chit chat with a few of the writers, animators, directors, and just poke our noses in places that we got quickly shooed out of. And fear not, the 24-hour window is never closed! You can check out all of the visual goodies saved on Adult Swim’s highlights right on their Insta page! We promise you won’t hate it!

Today you get to read about a duo of unimaginable excellence! Crossing Swords is proving to be a juggernaut of a production with many MANY thanks to these two! With Amanda Barnes as our Production Manager, and Nathalie Eckert as our Production Assistant, these two made sure that gears were turnin’ when they needed to, and on time! Thanks to Amanda and Nathalie, yer gonna be in tears laughin’ when Crossing Swords comes to your TV next year!

One of the perks of the Spirit of the Stoodio? We write you your VERY OWN POEM! (We actually bought Edgar Allen Poe’s brain off the internet to help us write these!)

B422ACF7-4FAC-4113-A8D4-43021D338022 2

Amanda Barnes
Buddies gather round, it’s time to cheer
For a buddy who brings joy whenever she’s near.
She’s smart, she’s kind, she’s allergic to gluten
Do we think she’s amazing? YOU’RE DARN TOOTIN’

She wears many hats and tracks every note
When it comes to writer’s rooms, she’s the GOAT.
Now let’s bring her on down, so everyone will know
Amanda Barnes is this month’s Spirit of the Stoodio!

Nathalie Eckert
Some Buddies are so great, they become renowned,
Through Camera, Production, Edit and Sound.
You’d thoroughly agree had you beheld her,
This woman’s “Nacho Libre,” – so christened by Helder

Velvet shoes and glasses, her style’s a treat.
This USC Trojan sips her whiskey neat.
This Buddy deserves three cheers, we assert –
So congratulate this month’s Spirit of the Stoodio, Nathalie Eckert!

Congrats Nathalie and Amanda! You rock that totem!


San Diego Comic Con was a BIG ONE this year! And of course we stormed the con to bring you all the freshly baked Robot Chicken deets!

Taking the stage this year was Matthew Senreich, Douglas Goldstein, Tom Root, Breckin Meyer, Tom Sheppard, and while he couldn’t be there, a special video message from Seth Green played for everyone. And we don’t have to tell you, it was a you-had-to-be-there kinda deal.

But if you weren’t here’s the whole panel for you to enjoy!

And the biggest news? Robot Chicken is gonna blow your TV wide open when season 10 returns September 29th, 2019! After that, you got two months until Black Friday until you can get a new one. We’re practically doing you a favor!

When yer workin’ hard on set, it’s always important to have that one person you go to that has a grip on things. A rock solid team player that always has an answer and makes sure things are steady as they go! Hey, speaking of grip – we wanted to recognize the camera operator of Crossing Swords: Lee Young! Lee makes sure our puppets were framed JUST RIGHT, our sets were all lit, and everything for Crossing Swords was lookin’ like the best dang production you ever did see! Lee, without you, we’d be in all sorts of mess. That’s why you’re our July Spirit of the Stoodio!


And now, a poem!

There are some who do great deeds without question,
But rare is the buddy who bleeds for their profession.
So tonight we would like to acclaim and reward
The Buddy most willing to “fall on their sword”.

Cruisin’ in a Saturn Wagon, some say it’s his flagship,
This Buddy is esteemed as “Helder’s 4th favorite grip”
So three cheers for this bud, our hero unsung,
The Spirit of the Stoodio, Lee Mitchell Young.

You can bet your butts we’re pumping our fists off! When Jersey Shore plans a comeback party, the plan it RIGHT. And we couldn’t have been more thrilled when they told Stoopid Buddy Stoodios they needed a cake (I know, right??)

Now to be fair, we didn’t make a cake that you could eat… well, without splintering your digestive tract… but we did build one that’s everlasting and topped with Snookie, JWoww, Pauly D, and just about everyone else you can imagine. SO! Before you indulge in the blissful reunion that is the Jersey Shore, why not partake in this tasty cake we made for the tear-jerking promo?

Jersey from Stoopid Buddy Stoodios on Vimeo.

We’re giving you a heads up now… don’t watch this show on an empty stomach. The Chef Show is now streaming on Netflix, and even the pickiest of eaters are gonna be squirming at all the mouthwatering deliciousness that Jon Favreau and Chef Roy Choi are cooking up!

And if you keep your peepers open through out the series, you’ll notice the quick stop-motion segments peppered in throughout. Now as proud chefs of our own miniature (albeit not-so-edible) dishes, we are proud to say that we had a hand in bringing a bit of awesomeness into The Chef Show.

So not only do you get to see some of Hollywood’s biggest hitters like Robert Downey Jr, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Tom Holland chow down on some of the tastiest dishes imaginable, you get to witness some quirky stop-motion magic in action. Just another example of us doin’ what we love to do!

Screen Shot 2019-06-17 at 3.05.53 PM

We did it! We finally made it to the silver screen! Changeland, the first ever feature film with Stoopid Buddy Stoodios’ name on it, is now available for you to enjoy.

Directed by and starring Seth Green, Changeland follows Brandon (That’s Seth!) and Dan (Breckin Meyer) as they take a friends’ trip to Thailand. Originally meant for Brandon and his soon-to-be-ex-fiancée (Rachel Bloom). Changeland is all about finding your purpose and coming to grips with the fact that there just ain’t a rulebook to navigating life!

Changeland stars Seth Green, Breckin Meyer, Brenda Song, Clare Grant, Macaulay Culkin, Kedar Williams-Sterling, Rose Williams, and Randy Orton. It’s now available on VOD streaming platforms, DVD, and Blu-ray.


Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 5.06.06 PM

This is it, isn’t it? This is what it’s all been leading to! The final episodes of SuperMansion, Season 3 are now live!
We’re not gonna say don’t brace your emotions. We’re not gonna say don’t get ready to laugh, cry, and re-binge over and over. We’re not gonna tell you to do any of that. But if you don’t you won’t be prepared for the stop-motion TV event of your life!
The League of Freedom will be tested, and so will your being. You can stream the final episodes of SuperMansion, Season 3 on Sony Crackle right now. Catch a sneak peek right here. Then come cry with us on Twitter. We’re here to support you.


Raise your growlers high! Crossing Swords is coming to Hulu!
Our upcoming stop-motion project comes as a partnership with Sony. From creators John Harvatine IV and Tom Root, get ready to embark on medieval adventures featuring quirky heroes, and animation and an artistic direction unlike anything you’ve ever seen before!
Crossing Swords will be making its way to Hulu in 2020. Get ready to laugheth your butt off!

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 4.44.17 PM

Even for a split second we considered renaming our whole operation Stoopid Spuddy Stoodios. When you’re in the potato business, it kinda takes control…
And working on the Unemployed music video for artist Tierra Whack, you can see why. For this music video accompanying the INCREDIBLY catchy beat, our builds department crafted several animatronic taters (those eyes and mouths were actually there and actually moving!)
And if that weren’t enough, we also built the little surprise at the end of the video. Shh… no spoilers!
You can check out a hint of Tierra Whack’s music video right here. Trust us when we say we got our fill of starch for at least three lifetimes.

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 5.11.13 PM

It’s official! Not even the doors of Comedy Central are safe from Blark’s unrivaled sense of dad-ness. Blark & Son has officially moved in to its new home on Comedy Central’s website and YouTube Channel!

From the genius mind of Ben Bayouth, with the voices of Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Jim Rash, Patton Oswalt, Justin Roiland, and Donald Faison, we can guarantee that you’ll get that nostalgic Saturday-morning-cartoon rush when brand new episodes of Blark & Son release every Saturday!

Now’s the time to get your fill of the door-smashing, face-bashing, Jim… Rash-ing, adventures of Blark & Son! Check out the first episode right here, then head on over to Comedy Central’s website or YouTube channel to keep the insanity going!

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 5.02.46 PM

Annie are we ok? Um, with these nominations, absolutely!

The Annie Awards are an event that we look forward to every year. So much talent under one roof celebrating the awesomeness that is animation, you can bet it’s enough to make our heads ALMOST fall off. Don’t worry, they’re still attached… just barely, though.

This year, we’re super stoked to announce that we’ve been nominated a few times for the 46th Annual Annie Awards, and our smiles couldn’t be wider. For this year’s show, we’re proud to announce that Stoopid Buddy Stoodios has been nominated for…

Annie Award for Best Animated Television/Broadcast Commercial

Goldfish at the Fair
Stoopid Buddy Stoodios

Annie Award for Outstanding Achievement for Animated Effects in an Animated Television/Broadcast Production

Stoopid Buddy Stoodios
Nominees: Mike Spitzmiller, Steve Gallant, Iain Collins, Daniel Craven, Lynda Rollins

Annie Award for Outstanding Achievement for Directing in an Animated Television / Broadcast Production

Stoopid Buddy Stoodios
Nominees: Nick Simotas

The 46th Annual Annie Awards are going down on Friday, February 2. Sit down and join us as we wait with breath most bated!


We stay busy here at the Stoodio. Robot Chicken, SuperMansion and Hot Streets, that’s a lotta series to keep up with! But if you REALLY know what goes on at Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, then you know that we also have a robust commercial and branded content division called Buddy Spots! And today we’re excited to announce the newest addition to the League of Buddies – commercial representatives and good friends to the Stoodio, Sharon & Perry, who will represent us in the Midwest and Southeast regions!

Sharon & Perry are an accomplished duo with a carefully curated roster of world-class talent. With vast experience in both the agency and post production worlds, Sharon & Perry pride themselves on their creativity, strategic intuition, and their ability to be an invaluable resource in the Midwest and Southeast Regions.

With so much awesomeness in the works… we might just need another ‘Bago!

Is it time for CTN eXpo already?? We gotta start packing!

Get ready Burbank, because we’re breakin’ free of the campground and makin’ our way to the Marriott Convention Center in Burbank, California!

From Friday 11/16 thru Sunday 11/18, Stoopid Buddy Stoodios will be ready to chat and hang out with both seasoned and up-and-coming animators. We wanna meet with you so we can talk about stop-motion, animation, camera work, lighting, VFX, dang near everything! Or if you wanna just shoot the breeze, we’d love to meet ya!


We’ll be at booth B76 all weekend long. Come join us and show us what you’re made of!

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 3.23.47 PM

This might surprise you, but we’re a little obsessed with creating content at Stoopid Buddy. Constantly figuring out new ways to do things, and making, making, MAKING! Like we said… we’re obsessed.

In March 2019, Stoopid Buddy Stoodios will be heading to SXSW to host our Making Consumers Care by Doing it the Hard Way panel. David Brooks and Marie Pavlich of the Spots division will be diving into how we preserve the craftsmanship of stop-motion animation under the guidelines of big brands. What do we think the key is to protecting craftsmanship? Artists, allowing improvisation and embracing imperfections.

Check out our page on the SXSW Website for even more details. And keep checking back for final date and time. We hope to see you in March!


It’s been a while since we got to catch up with Hot Streets’ top Agents, Branski and French. And now that we think about it… what HAVE they been up to?? Well, this weekend, we’re gonna get to the bottom of it!

On Saturday, Oct. 27th from 2-3pm, join the cast and crew of Adult Swim’s Hot Streets at LA Comic Con in room 403B for an exclusive glimpse at Season 2! Panelists will include Hot Streets creator Brian Wysol, director Pete Michels, voice talent J.D. Ryznar, Scott Chernoff, Chelsea Kane, and will be moderated by writer Nick Corirossi.

Sneak a peek at the supernatural laughs to come from the second installment of TV’s favorite animated-paranormal-cop-comedy (say that 3x fast) before it premieres on Adult Swim in 2019!

Ready, Player Bun! Close Encounters of the Charred Kind? Whatever punny name you wanna call it, surely you won’t be forgetting the Spielburgers campaign that we created with Carl’s Jr. earlier this year!

Recently, Spielburgers was awarded the Shortlist Clio Award for innovation and creative excellence in advertising, which just goes to show if you can grill it up in your head, you can make it a reality.

Congratulations to everyone who helped bring Spielburgers to life! We couldn’t imagine a tastier more nostalgic way to relive our favorite Spielberg flicks!

Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 3.48.28 PM

New York Comic Con started off with an Earth-shattering KABOOM of SuperMansion awesomeness! Not only did Bryan Cranston, Matt Senreich, Zeb Wells, Breckin Meyer, and Gary Anthony Williams storm the Javits center for a panel to remember, but six (count ’em, SIX) episodes of SuperMansion dropped to watch on Sony Crackle on the very same day!

But it didn’t end there… because fresh off their Summer Vacation Special, the newest holiday adventure for the League of Freedom was announced, complete with premiere date!

On November 15, catch the SuperMansion Thanksgiving special, A Prayer for Mr. T. Turkey, super powers, and a butt-load of growth hormones will make this year’s Black Friday feel like a skip down candy cane lane.


Our art department is responsible for pretty much everything you see surrounding our puppets. From the big elaborate sets down to the teeny tiny cups that our characters hold, and everything in between. And the Buddy who keeps everything in order for the set dressers and builders?? Alex Del Rosario! Alex plays a huge role in keeping our shows going, and we couldn’t do it without her. It’s what earned her this month’s Spirit of the Stoodio totem!

And now, if you’ll be so kind… a poem to celebrate the ever-lovely Alex Del Rosario!

Our Buddies are the best, what’s left to say?
And we honor a special buddy today.
There’s no one better to be patient and true,
In work or in friendship she’s sure to come through.

She loves papercraft, her dog at her side.
Keen to alphabetize and will keep you in line.
On her Nintendo Switch she’ll beat you in the Kart of Mario,
So give a big “YAS!” for this month’s Spirit of the Stoodio: Alex Del Rosario!


Bryan Cranston, superheroes, vegan pizza rolls… SuperMansion really DOES have it all! So when CBS asks to come by and take a peek at it all, could we really refuse??

Whenever we’re asked about the history of Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, it really is a “Where do we even begin?” kinda situation. LUCKILY, we love telling the story. And you can learn it all in the super cool piece from CBS down below. Plus, you get some behind the scenes looks at Season 3 of SuperMansion. Because really, it would just feel wrong to keep all the stop-motion awesomeness to ourselves.

And of course, if you still haven’t taken the plunge, you can check out all of SuperMansion streaming RIGHT NOW for free on Sony Crackle!

At Stoopid Buddy’s School for Stop-Motion and Awesomeness (it’s a working title…) we want to train you to become the best stop-motion animator to soon rock the industry!
That’s right, the Stop-Motion Character Animation classes are BACK at Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, and we’re now taking applicants! So if you’re looking to animate like the best of ’em, now’s your chance! This is the perfect opportunity for those looking to start their journey on the path to becoming a stop-motion master.


Taught by Alex Kamer, the Animation Director on shows like Robot Chicken, SuperMansion, and Buddy Thunderstruck, you’ll learn the fundamentals of stop-motion animation that will help you in becoming a full-fledged animator. After our classes, you’ll have all the skills that Stoopid Buddy Stoodios animators use at your disposal! Over the course of 8 classes, you’ll learn:

  • Principles of character animation
  • How to use Dragonframe
  • Animating action-figures and eventually puppets created by our fabricators
  • Intro to spacing on 2's and spacing techniques
  • Performance animation with live feedback

For more info in beginning your stop-motion career on the right foot, reach out to today! Classes begin October 22. Space is limited, so make sure you lock your spot in ASAP! See you in October Buddy!

It’s a Christmas miracle… with a nine month delay: Robot Chicken took home yet another Emmy!
Freshly Baked: The Robot Chicken Santa Claus Pot Cookie Freakout Special: Special Edition (it was the shortest name we could come up with!) is the latest special to come in a long line of Robot Chicken specials that have graced the airwaves of Adult Swim.

This past weekend, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences bestowed upon the crew the prestigious Emmy Award for Best Short Form Animated Program for our latest Christmas spectacular.

So we FINALLY get to put away the tree, and box up the ornaments… well, for three months anyway. Then they’re BACK OUT!
Seriously, though… one final congrats to the crew whose talent without we wouldn’t have achieved this, and the fans who keep tuning in after all these years. We couldn’t have done this without you.

IMG_1396 (1)

The editor. One whose role without, your television and movie viewing experiences would be a hodge-podge of colors, sounds, and absolutely zero story. At the Stoodio, all of our editors shine among the best, and Phil Davis is no exception.
Bringing order to the insanity of Hot Streets SOUNDS IMPOSSIBLE… but if there’s someone who can tackle that task, it’s Phil. And his amazing editing abilities are why he’s going to be carrying the Spirit of the Stoodio totem for the month of August. Phil, you deserve it. Along with this craftily written poem from our elite league of poem-smiths.
The Buddy we herald and about which we rhyme,
Can oft be seen putting in extra time.
They always make us smile, they are peachy-keen,
And they’ve even been known to craft a clay figurine.
Between dogs and cats, this buddy’s feline inclined.
And he travels to sunny Costa Rica to unwind.
We hope to give some credit to the editor you may know,
Let’s cheer for Phil Davis, this month’s Spirit of the Stoodio!

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 2.39.26 PM

You know… aside from the GIANT MONSTER ATTACKS, quirky townsfolk, and a school principal who goes into all-out underpants-clad superhero mode at the snap of anyone’s fingers, the city of Piqua is a pretty sleepy town.
That’s why we were all about it when we were asked to add a pinch of pandemonium to Piqua. Stoopid Buddy Stoodios got to shake things up by slamming a skyscraper-sized clay monster right into The Epic Adventures of Captain Underpants, the brand new animated series only on Netflix!

What squishy adventures await Captain Underpants next? You gotta WAIT! And find out…


Without someone in IT making sure all of our computers are running at their computey-est, we’d just be a bunch of animators, producers, directors, and whatnot playing with puppets. And while that all sounds awesome, it’s not very lucrative.
That’s where Chester Lee comes in! Whenever we’re about to throw in the towel and spend $6,000 on a shiny new computer, Chester kicks down the door, makes things happen, and we get to save six G’s. He makes our hearts flutter. Because of his tireless efforts, Chester gets to walk away as the Stoopid Buddy Spirit of the Stoodio for July.
And now… the customary poem:
No orator, no speaker could ever debate,
The fact that this Buddy is truly first-rate!
Mr. Foodie, Mr. Fixit, The wind beneath our SolarWinds,
So many monikers we would never rescind.
To be sure it takes a lot of cunning,
To keep all our technology running.
So, let’s give a big thank you, a hurrah filled with glee!
To our Spirit of the Stoodio: Well done, Chester Lee!

It’s Christmas in July! Freshly Baked: The Robot Chicken Santa Claus Pot Cookie Freakout Special: Special Edition, the most recent Robot Chicken Christmas special has just been nominated for an Emmy!
The special (which we also think should be nominated for longest title to ever be nominated for an Emmy) has been nominated for Outstanding Short Form Animated Program. And if we’re allowed to throw our two cents in, we agree, it is kinda outstanding isn’t it?
We want to give a BIG shout out to the crew who helped make this past holiday season just a little more magical… and weird… and AWESOME! And we can honestly assume, Jared Leto must be proud.

Crime never takes a vacation! (But apparently do-gooders still need a bit of R&R…)
Titanium Rex, Cooch, Black Saturn, and the rest of the League of Freedom are hittin’ the beach this summer in the SuperMansion Summer Vacation Special! And of course everything is going to go according to their plans with absolutely ZERO hiccups, right? Uhh… yeah?

Oh! And throwing President Obama into the mix never hurt anyone’s summer either. That’s right. We got 44 for this one. The SuperMansion Summer Vacation Special premieres on Thursday, August 16 for FREE only on Sony Crackle. And if you haven’t yet, we HIGHLY recommend checking out Season 3, streaming right now!

Are ya sitting down? Don’t worry… find a chair. We can wait. We’ve got something to tell you that may shock you.
Alright, you’re sitting? Ok, here’s the big news: we’re kinda huge fans of animation at Stoopid Buddy Stoodios.
Shocking, we know, but we can’t get enough! And it’s why we started the Animated Shorts Society at the Stoodio! Twice a month, Buddies Stoodio-wide gather to eat lunch, hang out, and take in some of the trippiest, funniest, head-scratching-iest animated shorts from across the internet. Some Buddies have even had their own work shown off at some of our meet-ups!

The Animated Shorts Society may have only begun a few months ago, but it’s already a huge hit, and we love seeing what artists all over the world are capable of creating!

In what can pretty much be considered the Stoopid Buddy Stoodios Olympics at this point, the first Buddy Jamboree since 2014 went down this past weekend!


As per tradition, we had a cluster of cars crafted from cubes to colorful creations that we sent down our John Sumner built Pinewood track in one nail-biting race after the next! (No nails were harmed during the actual Jamboree, and everyone had a blast.)
Following several gripping races, the winners sped across the finish line!

Least Slowest (1st Place): “#Doorstop” by Chester Lee
Riding Shotgun (2nd Place): “Pizza Party” by Seth Green
3rd Most Fastest (3rd Place): “The R.E. Racer” by Matt Senreich
And lest we forget, some of the superlatives that tore up the track, including Kitsch Pudding (flashiest car), Titanium Wrecker (most intimidating car), and the return of the Sloppy Jalopy award (the car that just couldn’t cross the finish line…)
Needless to say, it wouldn’t be a Jamboree without food. Our incredible grillmaster cooked up tasty burgers, both meat and veggie, and dogs. And of course we served ’em up with all the fixins and plenty of sides to go around!

Meanwhile, the sultry sounds of the saxophone quartet S4X kept us tappin’ our toes with jazzy renditions of so many recognizable video game and movie songs. In case you haven’t guessed, we geek out over nerd stuff pretty easily. Call us easy to please.

Between all of that, games, and just generally hanging out, you can bet that we’ll be counting down to the next Buddy Jamboree! 2022 maybe?

Buckle up internet!
You watched, you wtf’ed, but most importantly, you liked! Blark and Son is officially going full series, and things are only gonna get weirder from here. And if you know Blark and Son, “weirder” is putting it lightly.
You know Blark (Ben Bayouth), Son (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), and the world of Son’s bedroom all too well. But what happens when you bring Deborah Baker Jr, Donald Faison, Justin Roiland, Jim Rash, and Patton Oswalt into the mix? A whole bunch of quirky new characters and a world beyond the walls of Son’s bedroom, that’s what!

Download Verizon’s (FREE) GO90 app, and set your countdown timer for June 4. Blark and Son have a bit of prep time left but oh you can bet they’ll be ready once it’s go time!

Here at Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, we’re proud of the hundreds of animators who have moseyed on through our halls. Each one has a unique way of bringing the characters that make you laugh, cry, and cringe to life. Dillon Markey is another killer animator who does it with his Nintendo Power Glove?.

Aside from his totally unique way of putting together a scene, Dillon also organized April’s Chuck Jones presentation, and that’s why we delivered unto him the Spirit of the Stoodio Award, and this VERY appropriate poem.
Let’s start with a clue right out of the gate.
This Buddy’s from Washington, and not the state.
He bikes to work, and invents things with love.
You might even see him sporting, a Nintendo Power Glove.
He’s an animator – a full-on Buddy sensation!
He even arranged the Chuck Jones presentation!
He’s gone above and beyond, and we think you’ll agree,
That Spirit of the Stoodio is well won by Dillon Markey!

SuperMansion is finally here!
After weeks, even MONTHS of hype, we’re excited to announce that Season 3 of SuperMansion has premiered! So you know that screen that you’re currently using to read this very blog post on? It doubles as a SuperMansion viewing device! (There’s a good chance that it makes calls as well, but that can wait until after the show.)

And in case you need a refresher, Dr. Devizo (Chris Pine) saved Titanium Rex (Bryan Cranston), which technically makes him a superhero. Now that the Injustice Club and the League of Freedom are living under the same roof, well… we can’t wait to see what happens when this incredibly short fuse goes off.
So whether you’re on your phone, tablet, computer, game console, or streaming box, Sony Crackle is the only place you can watch SuperMansion, and the fact that it’s FREE is basically an act of heroism on its own. What more could you want?? Tune into new episodes of SuperMansion every week only on Sony Crackle.

Camp WWE is back baby! And it’s about time. We’ve been calling the WWE offices since Season One ended and we think they’re about ready to give us the ol’ one-two.
But now our pestering has finally paid off! You can tune in every week as Vince McMahon, Ric Flair, Sgt. Slaughter, Lex Luger, and a cavalcade of other legendary wrestlers helm the proverbial ship… as long as the campers don’t helm it into the ground first.
2 Cenas golf cart
Each week at 12pm ET on WWE Network, a brand new episode of Camp WWE will have you forgetting all about the work week ahead! We promise you’ll be too busy laughing to care about anything else! We swear on John Cena’s chiseled frame.
So yeah, if you could, hold our calls, and tell NO ONE to bother us on Sundays, because we now have plans all day and we’re gonna stick to ‘em!
Brand new episodes of Camp WWE premiere every Sunday at noon ET, available for you to stream any time on demand. And the only place you can find them is on WWE Network where new subscribers can get a month for free! We’ll seeya next week…


What is there to say about Chuck Jones? That we could watch his cartoons for hours on end on repeat and we’d never get bored? That his creations inspired a lot of us at the Stoodio to do what we do? That his creations that have charmed generations for decades helped shape us who we are today?
Do you want us to go on? Because we will!
Today at the Stoodio, on our very own Campground, we got to play host to Chuck Jones’ family. Linda Jones and Craig Kausen came to the Stoodio to present to the Buddies a look back on Chuck’s life, what he discovered on his journey up to and as an Academy Award winning animator, and the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity, which helps ignite the spark of creativity for both kids and seniors and everyone who’s eager to learn! OH! And we got a screening of the classic animated short Feed The Kitty!
It was an honor to have such legends come by the Stoodio today, and we learned a lot! Thank you Craig and Linda for coming by and turning our lunch hour into a pretty awesome trip through animation history!

We’ve had a fair share of interesting characters mosey on through the halls of Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, but before today, our opossum count was at a staggering ZERO!
Well that all changed when Sesame the Opossum, perhaps the most famous opossum on Instagram, nosed his way into the Stoodio and got the grand tour! While most of our guests like to look in awe at everything we create at the Stoodio, Sesame put most of his efforts in finding a place to nap… another Stoodio first!


Sesame, you’re welcome back anytime. Mama Possum could always use an Opossum to keep her company.



Even before your favorite cartoons become cartoons, a lotta work has to be put in for preparation. We thank our lucky stars every single day that we have one of the best in the biz in Josh Penn Boris, this month’s Spirit of the Stoodio! Josh has been with us on Hot Streets, Camp WWE, and so much more. And we couldn’t be more pleased with his work!
We’re so pleased, that oh yeah, we wrote a poem JUST for Josh.
Our Stoodio Buddies’ skills help them stand out.
And wearing multiple hats will gain you some clout.
When things are chaotic we need someone to bring them to order.
Which is something to count on from this reliable boarder.

He’s been with the company since Camp WWE
If there’s a task you need done, this Buddy won’t flee.
This amazing talent that we stole from Seattle
He’ll make a production shake, roll, and rattle!

A devout Star Wars fan from birth to this day.
Much like Lord Vader, he’ll be a daddy in May!
If we had to ask anyone to complete a task for us
It would be this Stoodio’s Spirit: Josh Penn Boris.
(And because you were wondering, yes, we do have a full-time Lucky Star Thanker in the Stoodio.)

Instagram’s first family needs your vote!
They’re not running for any government office (not this year, anyway,) but Blark and Son still need you to sound off! The father/son duo who have made their home at Stoopid Buddy Stoodios have been nominated in the 22nd Annual Webby Awards!
Blark and Son are currently prepping some BIG things right now. In time, beans will be spilled, but in the meantime, you can vote for Blark and Son in the Webby’s Film & Video – General – Weird category. And if you haven’t already, make sure you check out all of Blark and Son’s adventures, ready to watch RIGHT NOW on Instagram!

Really, it’s an honor just to be nominated… TWICE!
We are over the moon to announce that not one but TWO of our projects from the past year have been nominated at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival that goes down every June in Annecy, France.
The Robot Chicken Walking Dead Special will be heading overseas for the Best Television Production, while the Simpsons/Robot Chicken couch gag is up for Best Commissioned Film. Check out the couch gag and the (trailer for) Robot Chicken Walking Dead special just in case you need a refresher on these two Annecy nominated projects!
And of course, a major shout out to the crew who worked so hard on making these projects a reality. They’re what keep the wheels spinnin’ and allow us to keep cranking out such amazing work.


Straight up, we’re excited as all get out for the upcoming flick Ready Player One. We’re not gonna sugar coat it. Seriously, why do that when you can charbroil it instead?
Recently, Stoopid Buddy Stoodios assembled this ambitious commercial project. SpielBurgers takes classic films, sticks ’em between two buns, dresses ’em up with all the fixins and BAM! It’s like a whole new adventure. We’re warning you now. These mouthwatering tributes are going to send your stomach in a frenzy. Eat up!

Ready Player One

Jurassic Park



This weekend Stoopid Buddy stormed Wondercon in Anaheim, California where Heidi Gardner, Breckin Meyer, Yvette Nicole Brown, Zeb Wells, Matt Senreich, and Nick Simotas took fan questions and debuted the first trailer and a brand new clips from SuperMansion’s third season!

Download Crackle for free and catch up on seasons 1 & 2 of Supermansion, and get ready for brand new episodes premiering Monday, May 7.

Our little Buddy Thunderstruck is all grown up and Emmy nominated!
Ever since his debut on Netflix, Buddy hasn’t exactly shied away from the spotlight, and this week, he’s taking it in all over again!


Buddy Thunderstruck has just been nominated for two Daytime Emmy Awards. One for Outstanding Cinematography and one for Outstanding Art Direction/Set Direction/Scenic Design. Easily something that Stoopid Buddy Stoodios and the cast and crew of Buddy Thunderstruck can be very proud of!
You can stream all of season 1 of Buddy Thunderstruck now on Netflix!

On their epic season 3 return, the League of Freedom is making a tiiiiny pit stop!
This year at WonderCon in Anaheim, California, Stoopid Buddy Stoodios is bringing the first look at SuperMansion season 3. The panel will feature Yvette Nicole Brown, Breckin Meyer, Heidi Gardner, Zeb Wells, Matthew Senreich and Nick Simotas on how the show is brought to life. Fans will be able to meet and greet with the panelists at a signing following the panel.


Make sure you follow the schedule accordingly, League hopefuls! The Supermansion panel begins at 12pm on Saturday, March 24 in North 200A. And remember… now’s the perfect time to refresh and catch up! Stream past seasons of Supermansion for FREE on Crackle right now!

For the past few years, Adam Conover, TV’s resident know-it-all, has been proving literally everything under the sun (and maybe even the sun…) wrong. And now, he’s going prove he can prove you wrong without that pesky third dimension!
Coming soon, Adam Ruins Everything Presents Reanimated History is a brand new animated spin-off that puts the history lessons you think you know under his timeline-trotting microscope, and shows you that there may be a few details that your school teachers may have left out.

Adam Ruins Everything Presents Reanimated History premieres Tuesday, March 20 @ 10:30pm ET/PT only on truTV.

The League of Freedom is setting up base in Chicago this April! Crime fighters… your days are numbered. Crackle, a Sony Network Presents: SuperMansion is coming to C2E2!
SuperMansion creators Matt Senreich and Zeb Wells will be establishing a super secret base in Room S404 at the super secret time of 2:45 – 3:45 PM on the super secret date of April 6 to discuss ULTRA secret details of the upcoming THIRD season of SuperMansion, debuting later this year only on Crackle.


Never-before-seen footage and answers to your questions await you this April. Mark your calendars, and get your tickets to C2E2 today!

Well it’s not like we could have kept it to ourselves forever, right?
The ‘Robot Chicken Walking Dead Special’ (which may contain a few sketches that aren’t exactly canon, but hey, who’s keeping track?) is coming home! You can add the DVD or Blu-Ray to your collection on March 27. And just because we love ya so much, there’s gonna be a bunch of extra special features. It’ll be more content than you can shake a barb-wire entangled bat at.


Pre-order your copy on Amazon today!



As much as it seems like there’s a magic TV fairy that poofs your favorite programming into existence, it turns out things are a bit more complicated than that. We have so many amazing people working ’round the clock to bring you some awesome shows, and this month we’re celebrating Matt Sheldon, one of our assistant directors working tirelessly on the upcoming season of SuperMansion! And to celebrate his dedication, the customary Spirit of the Stoodio poem:
To succeed at the Stoodio it’s said
It takes a level temper and a clear head.
This Buddy, you’ll see, has both of those,
His peers would say he’s “cool and composed.”
You might know that this honoree,
Used to be in Reality TV.
He rides to work on his hog,
And hunted bounties with the famous “Dog”
The stresses of SuperMansion Season 3
Are comfortably eased by this AD.
If we were going to give anyone a resounding “Well done!”
It would be this month’s Spirit of the Stoodio: Matt Sheldon!


Ahh, February. If there’s a better month for sharing the love, well… there really isn’t, is there? This month, the Spirit of the Stoodio totem was passed on to Baifan Xie for her boundless positivity and can-absolutely-do attitude. And like we could forget the customary Spirit of the Stoodio poem:

This buddy is fierce, always going and getting
When there’s work to be done, you won’t find her sitting.
Don’t let her small size lead you astray,
This buddy kicks butt all night and all day.

She’s our secret weapon when we get in a crunch,
Whether moving your plywood or getting our lunch
Her grin is as wide as her body is tall
Brightening days as she strolls down our hall

Helpful, amazing, strong and heartfelt
This special buddy has a secret blackbelt
She floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee
Spirit of the Stoodio is the one and only Baifan Xie!

There’s not a force on this Earth stronger than a buncha Buddies banded together, and we truly felt all the emotions last week at the Love ROBOT CHICKEN Style art show this February at iam8bit.

The Stoopid Buddy artists dedicated their time to bring a bawk-load of art to help raise money for FreeArtsLA to bring the arts to underprivileged kids of Los Angeles. Nothing could have prepared us for the generosity of everyone who donated throughout the night, and we were happy to send FreeArtsLA a huge check which included 100% of the proceeds from all of the art, t-shirts, and posters sold.

A massive shout out to the artists and iam8bit for making Love ROBOT CHICKEN Style such a success, as well as Family Industries for providing gallery-goers a fresh new look with their on-the-scene t-shirt screen printing booth. Altogether, it was the right level of weird for the perfect cause.