Another month, another star buddy — the amazing Cat Saldana is ringing in the New Year for us as this month’s well-deserving Spirit of the Stoodio! For her we give our utmost gratitude, our precious totem, and grace her excellence with a rhyme:
When we’re all going crazy
To get through the season
This very special buddy
Is our solid voice of reason

Always kind to all
Even up against the clocks
She loves her quirky animals
Especially her Ewoks

She even plays the sax
Is there anyone greater?
Spirit of the Stoodio
Goes to Cat Saldana, the animation coordinator!

Last week, Stoopid Buddy hosted our very own craft fair, allowing our talented Buddies to sell their goods in time for the holidays! With 25 participating Stoopid Buddy artists, the evening was hustling and bustling with lots of shoppers and boppers, with plenty of goodies to buy or just simply gawk over. There was fan art, endless enamel pens, wood crafted knick-knacks, eyeball pillows, Krampus ornaments, handmade jewelry, crystal crowns, and much more. We’re lucky to have an array of talented artists here willing to share their talent with us all to enjoy!


Stoopid Buddy strikes again, ending another great year with a bang! This year’s holiday party started at the yellow brick road and led to a boisterous, bumpin’, wild night in Oz. Dancing, singing, cocktails, photo booth, surprise guests, gingerbread houses, tacos, barbecue, cookies, puppet shows, cookies, and just good ole’ partying. Our Buddies deserved to let loose in style and we did just that!

Ah, yet another worthy buddy has claimed the Spirit of the Stoodio award. Several of her peers nominated her, pointing out that she is a puppet master who loves Buffy, Star Wars, and kittens — so of course she’s a winner! We hope you’re lucky enough to have a Puppet Wrangler like Lindsey Gilbert working with you. Here’s a poem in her honor:

Amazing artist and person

She’s was a buddy at the start

Helpful, kind, and funny

And knows every puppet asset by heart

She put in blood sweat and tears

To completely reorganize

All of the puppets we’ve ever made

In the Robot Chicken enterprise

She has a great attitude

Although she’s always busy

Spirit of the Stoodio goes to

Last name Gilbert, First name Lindsey



Last month, Stoopid Buddy was delighted to participate in the Television Academy’s big event: “It’s Not Just A Cartoon! Animation Day”. Among the many animation displays at the event, the Stoopid Buddy booth was definitely a hit for Academy members.  Animator Kurt Firla demonstrated the stop-motion animation process using one of our Netflix’s Buddy Thunderstruck sets (pictured below) and a set from the Robot Chicken Walking Dead Special also caught plenty of attention.  


And of course, we couldn’t help but show off our seven-foot walk-around Buddy Thunderstruck puppet, built and operated by Stoopid Buddy’s Buddy Builds. Guests couldn’t get enough of him – Buddy’s a charmer.


Food trucks, a live band, presentations, and the opportunity to share our love of animation with others made for a wonderful night at the Television Academy. We can’t wait for the next one!



We. Are. Stoked.
Robot Chicken and Buddy Thunderstruck have both snatched some nominations for the 2018 Annie Awards. Congratulations to our amazing buddies for their consistent, excellent, and award-worthy work. Stoopid Buddy for the win!


Best General Audience Animated Television/Broadcast Production
“Robot Chicken” / Episode: Freshly Baked: The Robot Chicken Santa Claus Pot Cookie Freakout Special: Special Edition
Stoopid Buddy Stoodios


Best Animated Television/Broadcast Production For Children
“Buddy Thunderstruck” / Episode: To Protect and Swerve / Robo Truck of the Future
Stoopid Buddy and American Greetings for Netflix

Character Design in an Animated Television / Broadcast Production
“Buddy Thunderstruck” / Episode: Buddy Double / Beaver Dam Fast Pizza
Character Designer: Ryan Wiesbrock; Becky van Cleve; Rob Ronning; Nikki Rice Malki; Felicia Bleu Rose (Character: Buddy Thunderstruck, Darnell, Moneybags, Big Tex, Jacko + all other characters)