SuperMansion is finally here!
After weeks, even MONTHS of hype, we’re excited to announce that Season 3 of SuperMansion has premiered! So you know that screen that you’re currently using to read this very blog post on? It doubles as a SuperMansion viewing device! (There’s a good chance that it makes calls as well, but that can wait until after the show.)

And in case you need a refresher, Dr. Devizo (Chris Pine) saved Titanium Rex (Bryan Cranston), which technically makes him a superhero. Now that the Injustice Club and the League of Freedom are living under the same roof, well… we can’t wait to see what happens when this incredibly short fuse goes off.
So whether you’re on your phone, tablet, computer, game console, or streaming box, Sony Crackle is the only place you can watch SuperMansion, and the fact that it’s FREE is basically an act of heroism on its own. What more could you want?? Tune into new episodes of SuperMansion every week only on Sony Crackle.

Camp WWE is back baby! And it’s about time. We’ve been calling the WWE offices since Season One ended and we think they’re about ready to give us the ol’ one-two.
But now our pestering has finally paid off! You can tune in every week as Vince McMahon, Ric Flair, Sgt. Slaughter, Lex Luger, and a cavalcade of other legendary wrestlers helm the proverbial ship… as long as the campers don’t helm it into the ground first.
2 Cenas golf cart
Each week at 12pm ET on WWE Network, a brand new episode of Camp WWE will have you forgetting all about the work week ahead! We promise you’ll be too busy laughing to care about anything else! We swear on John Cena’s chiseled frame.
So yeah, if you could, hold our calls, and tell NO ONE to bother us on Sundays, because we now have plans all day and we’re gonna stick to ‘em!
Brand new episodes of Camp WWE premiere every Sunday at noon ET, available for you to stream any time on demand. And the only place you can find them is on WWE Network where new subscribers can get a month for free! We’ll seeya next week…