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It’s official! Not even the doors of Comedy Central are safe from Blark’s unrivaled sense of dad-ness. Blark & Son has officially moved in to its new home on Comedy Central’s website and YouTube Channel!

From the genius mind of Ben Bayouth, with the voices of Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Jim Rash, Patton Oswalt, Justin Roiland, and Donald Faison, we can guarantee that you’ll get that nostalgic Saturday-morning-cartoon rush when brand new episodes of Blark & Son release every Saturday!

Now’s the time to get your fill of the door-smashing, face-bashing, Jim… Rash-ing, adventures of Blark & Son! Check out the first episode right here, then head on over to Comedy Central’s website or YouTube channel to keep the insanity going!

At Stoopid Buddy’s School for Stop-Motion and Awesomeness (it’s a working title…) we want to train you to become the best stop-motion animator to soon rock the industry!
That’s right, the Stop-Motion Character Animation classes are BACK at Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, and we’re now taking applicants! So if you’re looking to animate like the best of ’em, now’s your chance! This is the perfect opportunity for those looking to start their journey on the path to becoming a stop-motion master.


Taught by Alex Kamer, the Animation Director on shows like Robot Chicken, SuperMansion, and Buddy Thunderstruck, you’ll learn the fundamentals of stop-motion animation that will help you in becoming a full-fledged animator. After our classes, you’ll have all the skills that Stoopid Buddy Stoodios animators use at your disposal! Over the course of 8 classes, you’ll learn:

  • Principles of character animation
  • How to use Dragonframe
  • Animating action-figures and eventually puppets created by our fabricators
  • Intro to spacing on 2's and spacing techniques
  • Performance animation with live feedback

For more info in beginning your stop-motion career on the right foot, reach out to today! Classes begin October 22. Space is limited, so make sure you lock your spot in ASAP! See you in October Buddy!


Without someone in IT making sure all of our computers are running at their computey-est, we’d just be a bunch of animators, producers, directors, and whatnot playing with puppets. And while that all sounds awesome, it’s not very lucrative.
That’s where Chester Lee comes in! Whenever we’re about to throw in the towel and spend $6,000 on a shiny new computer, Chester kicks down the door, makes things happen, and we get to save six G’s. He makes our hearts flutter. Because of his tireless efforts, Chester gets to walk away as the Stoopid Buddy Spirit of the Stoodio for July.
And now… the customary poem:
No orator, no speaker could ever debate,
The fact that this Buddy is truly first-rate!
Mr. Foodie, Mr. Fixit, The wind beneath our SolarWinds,
So many monikers we would never rescind.
To be sure it takes a lot of cunning,
To keep all our technology running.
So, let’s give a big thank you, a hurrah filled with glee!
To our Spirit of the Stoodio: Well done, Chester Lee!

Instagram’s first family needs your vote!
They’re not running for any government office (not this year, anyway,) but Blark and Son still need you to sound off! The father/son duo who have made their home at Stoopid Buddy Stoodios have been nominated in the 22nd Annual Webby Awards!
Blark and Son are currently prepping some BIG things right now. In time, beans will be spilled, but in the meantime, you can vote for Blark and Son in the Webby’s Film & Video – General – Weird category. And if you haven’t already, make sure you check out all of Blark and Son’s adventures, ready to watch RIGHT NOW on Instagram!

Really, it’s an honor just to be nominated… TWICE!
We are over the moon to announce that not one but TWO of our projects from the past year have been nominated at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival that goes down every June in Annecy, France.
The Robot Chicken Walking Dead Special will be heading overseas for the Best Television Production, while the Simpsons/Robot Chicken couch gag is up for Best Commissioned Film. Check out the couch gag and the (trailer for) Robot Chicken Walking Dead special just in case you need a refresher on these two Annecy nominated projects!
And of course, a major shout out to the crew who worked so hard on making these projects a reality. They’re what keep the wheels spinnin’ and allow us to keep cranking out such amazing work.


Straight up, we’re excited as all get out for the upcoming flick Ready Player One. We’re not gonna sugar coat it. Seriously, why do that when you can charbroil it instead?
Recently, Stoopid Buddy Stoodios assembled this ambitious commercial project. SpielBurgers takes classic films, sticks ’em between two buns, dresses ’em up with all the fixins and BAM! It’s like a whole new adventure. We’re warning you now. These mouthwatering tributes are going to send your stomach in a frenzy. Eat up!

Ready Player One

Jurassic Park



This weekend Stoopid Buddy stormed Wondercon in Anaheim, California where Heidi Gardner, Breckin Meyer, Yvette Nicole Brown, Zeb Wells, Matt Senreich, and Nick Simotas took fan questions and debuted the first trailer and a brand new clips from SuperMansion’s third season!

Download Crackle for free and catch up on seasons 1 & 2 of Supermansion, and get ready for brand new episodes premiering Monday, May 7.

Our little Buddy Thunderstruck is all grown up and Emmy nominated!
Ever since his debut on Netflix, Buddy hasn’t exactly shied away from the spotlight, and this week, he’s taking it in all over again!


Buddy Thunderstruck has just been nominated for two Daytime Emmy Awards. One for Outstanding Cinematography and one for Outstanding Art Direction/Set Direction/Scenic Design. Easily something that Stoopid Buddy Stoodios and the cast and crew of Buddy Thunderstruck can be very proud of!
You can stream all of season 1 of Buddy Thunderstruck now on Netflix!

On their epic season 3 return, the League of Freedom is making a tiiiiny pit stop!
This year at WonderCon in Anaheim, California, Stoopid Buddy Stoodios is bringing the first look at SuperMansion season 3. The panel will feature Yvette Nicole Brown, Breckin Meyer, Heidi Gardner, Zeb Wells, Matthew Senreich and Nick Simotas on how the show is brought to life. Fans will be able to meet and greet with the panelists at a signing following the panel.


Make sure you follow the schedule accordingly, League hopefuls! The Supermansion panel begins at 12pm on Saturday, March 24 in North 200A. And remember… now’s the perfect time to refresh and catch up! Stream past seasons of Supermansion for FREE on Crackle right now!

For the past few years, Adam Conover, TV’s resident know-it-all, has been proving literally everything under the sun (and maybe even the sun…) wrong. And now, he’s going prove he can prove you wrong without that pesky third dimension!
Coming soon, Adam Ruins Everything Presents Reanimated History is a brand new animated spin-off that puts the history lessons you think you know under his timeline-trotting microscope, and shows you that there may be a few details that your school teachers may have left out.

Adam Ruins Everything Presents Reanimated History premieres Tuesday, March 20 @ 10:30pm ET/PT only on truTV.

The League of Freedom is setting up base in Chicago this April! Crime fighters… your days are numbered. Crackle, a Sony Network Presents: SuperMansion is coming to C2E2!
SuperMansion creators Matt Senreich and Zeb Wells will be establishing a super secret base in Room S404 at the super secret time of 2:45 – 3:45 PM on the super secret date of April 6 to discuss ULTRA secret details of the upcoming THIRD season of SuperMansion, debuting later this year only on Crackle.


Never-before-seen footage and answers to your questions await you this April. Mark your calendars, and get your tickets to C2E2 today!

Well it’s not like we could have kept it to ourselves forever, right?
The ‘Robot Chicken Walking Dead Special’ (which may contain a few sketches that aren’t exactly canon, but hey, who’s keeping track?) is coming home! You can add the DVD or Blu-Ray to your collection on March 27. And just because we love ya so much, there’s gonna be a bunch of extra special features. It’ll be more content than you can shake a barb-wire entangled bat at.


Pre-order your copy on Amazon today!