Buckle up internet!
You watched, you wtf’ed, but most importantly, you liked! Blark and Son is officially going full series, and things are only gonna get weirder from here. And if you know Blark and Son, “weirder” is putting it lightly.
You know Blark (Ben Bayouth), Son (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), and the world of Son’s bedroom all too well. But what happens when you bring Deborah Baker Jr, Donald Faison, Justin Roiland, Jim Rash, and Patton Oswalt into the mix? A whole bunch of quirky new characters and a world beyond the walls of Son’s bedroom, that’s what!

Download Verizon’s (FREE) GO90 app, and set your countdown timer for June 4. Blark and Son have a bit of prep time left but oh you can bet they’ll be ready once it’s go time!

Here at Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, we’re proud of the hundreds of animators who have moseyed on through our halls. Each one has a unique way of bringing the characters that make you laugh, cry, and cringe to life. Dillon Markey is another killer animator who does it with his Nintendo Power Glove?.

Aside from his totally unique way of putting together a scene, Dillon also organized April’s Chuck Jones presentation, and that’s why we delivered unto him the Spirit of the Stoodio Award, and this VERY appropriate poem.
Let’s start with a clue right out of the gate.
This Buddy’s from Washington, and not the state.
He bikes to work, and invents things with love.
You might even see him sporting, a Nintendo Power Glove.
He’s an animator – a full-on Buddy sensation!
He even arranged the Chuck Jones presentation!
He’s gone above and beyond, and we think you’ll agree,
That Spirit of the Stoodio is well won by Dillon Markey!


What is there to say about Chuck Jones? That we could watch his cartoons for hours on end on repeat and we’d never get bored? That his creations inspired a lot of us at the Stoodio to do what we do? That his creations that have charmed generations for decades helped shape us who we are today?
Do you want us to go on? Because we will!
Today at the Stoodio, on our very own Campground, we got to play host to Chuck Jones’ family. Linda Jones and Craig Kausen came to the Stoodio to present to the Buddies a look back on Chuck’s life, what he discovered on his journey up to and as an Academy Award winning animator, and the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity, which helps ignite the spark of creativity for both kids and seniors and everyone who’s eager to learn! OH! And we got a screening of the classic animated short Feed The Kitty!
It was an honor to have such legends come by the Stoodio today, and we learned a lot! Thank you Craig and Linda for coming by and turning our lunch hour into a pretty awesome trip through animation history!