Here at Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, we’re proud of the hundreds of animators who have moseyed on through our halls. Each one has a unique way of bringing the characters that make you laugh, cry, and cringe to life. Dillon Markey is another killer animator who does it with his Nintendo Power Glove?.

Aside from his totally unique way of putting together a scene, Dillon also organized April’s Chuck Jones presentation, and that’s why we delivered unto him the Spirit of the Stoodio Award, and this VERY appropriate poem.
Let’s start with a clue right out of the gate.
This Buddy’s from Washington, and not the state.
He bikes to work, and invents things with love.
You might even see him sporting, a Nintendo Power Glove.
He’s an animator – a full-on Buddy sensation!
He even arranged the Chuck Jones presentation!
He’s gone above and beyond, and we think you’ll agree,
That Spirit of the Stoodio is well won by Dillon Markey!