It’s been a while since we got to catch up with Hot Streets’ top Agents, Branski and French. And now that we think about it… what HAVE they been up to?? Well, this weekend, we’re gonna get to the bottom of it!

On Saturday, Oct. 27th from 2-3pm, join the cast and crew of Adult Swim’s Hot Streets at LA Comic Con in room 403B for an exclusive glimpse at Season 2! Panelists will include Hot Streets creator Brian Wysol, director Pete Michels, voice talent J.D. Ryznar, Scott Chernoff, Chelsea Kane, and will be moderated by writer Nick Corirossi.

Sneak a peek at the supernatural laughs to come from the second installment of TV’s favorite animated-paranormal-cop-comedy (say that 3x fast) before it premieres on Adult Swim in 2019!

Ready, Player Bun! Close Encounters of the Charred Kind? Whatever punny name you wanna call it, surely you won’t be forgetting the Spielburgers campaign that we created with Carl’s Jr. earlier this year!

Recently, Spielburgers was awarded the Shortlist Clio Award for innovation and creative excellence in advertising, which just goes to show if you can grill it up in your head, you can make it a reality.

Congratulations to everyone who helped bring Spielburgers to life! We couldn’t imagine a tastier more nostalgic way to relive our favorite Spielberg flicks!


Bryan Cranston, superheroes, vegan pizza rolls… SuperMansion really DOES have it all! So when CBS asks to come by and take a peek at it all, could we really refuse??

Whenever we’re asked about the history of Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, it really is a “Where do we even begin?” kinda situation. LUCKILY, we love telling the story. And you can learn it all in the super cool piece from CBS down below. Plus, you get some behind the scenes looks at Season 3 of SuperMansion. Because really, it would just feel wrong to keep all the stop-motion awesomeness to ourselves.

And of course, if you still haven’t taken the plunge, you can check out all of SuperMansion streaming RIGHT NOW for free on Sony Crackle!

It’s Christmas in July! Freshly Baked: The Robot Chicken Santa Claus Pot Cookie Freakout Special: Special Edition, the most recent Robot Chicken Christmas special has just been nominated for an Emmy!
The special (which we also think should be nominated for longest title to ever be nominated for an Emmy) has been nominated for Outstanding Short Form Animated Program. And if we’re allowed to throw our two cents in, we agree, it is kinda outstanding isn’t it?
We want to give a BIG shout out to the crew who helped make this past holiday season just a little more magical… and weird… and AWESOME! And we can honestly assume, Jared Leto must be proud.