Buddy Recap: BuddyFest 2014

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The Stoodio’s second annual BuddyFest was a HUGE success!

This year, the Buddies gathered ’round the ‘bagos to watch ┬ásome of our crew members’ VERY first attempts at animation on the big screen. The program was varied, to say the least, ranging from artistically inclined college student films, to action-figure home movies found on old VHS tapes. Awards were given in five categories:

Babiest Baby – Tennessee Reid Norton, “Cube of Death”

Natural Talent – Ari Grabb, “Daft Punk vs. Deadmau5”

Should Have Stopped There– Roy Wood, “Milk & Skinned to the Bone While Home Alone”

A-for-Effort– Jason Oshman, “1+1”

Best in Show– Scott DaRos, “1996 Demo Reel”




We got up close and personal with the creator of the winner of the Best in Show film, Scott DaRos.

Check out the interview below!


Q: Congratulations on winning Best in Show at BuddyFest 2014! Can you
tell us a little about your film?

A: Thanks. My film is a series of short animations I made when I was
eleven years old. My awesome parents gave me some bricks of Sculpey
for Christmas and I thanked them by recording over our precious family
memories to create the animations. Between the shots of clay guys
disfiguring themselves and GI Joes falling over, there’s some quick
clips of my brother playing high school basketball, a car show, and
some family holiday footage. I added ToeJam & Earl music before
submitting it to BuddyFest because that game rules!

Q: Is this the first film festival you have entered this piece into?

A: Absolutely. This film isn’t sophisticated enough for other
festivals. It fits right in at Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, though.

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Q: Do you feel like this film has influenced your later works in any way?

A: Yes. I’m always striving to transcend my old ideas. Back then, all
I wanted to do was make things fight and stab each other. Nowadays I’m
focusing more on booger and poop jokes.

Q: What advice would you give to young aspiring animators these days
who want to put together a sick demo reel?

A: Use only your best work, keep it short, and if you want to use
music make sure it’s pleasant music. So basically the exact opposite
of my film.