What We Do

Production studio specializing in GROUNDBREAKING ANIMATIONS! In production on award-winning ROBOT CHICKEN, DINOSAUR OFFICE, SPY vs. SPY, and several top-secret projects!

Our Mission

Stoopid Buddy Stoodios is a collective of artists, ideators, tinkerers, builders, animators, and creators. A place where friendship, honesty, creativity, and trust all have a seat at the table. Our success is a result of a simple idea: Things that are worth making are best made together.
Stoopid Buddy Stoodios is built on the foundation of great ideas. We love being unconventional. We love hard work. Whether it’s stop-motion, 2D, 3D, live action, or a practical build, our expert team tackles it all.

The Buddy Code

No. I

Thou shalt be a good Buddy.

No. II

Thou shalt have a “can do” attitude.


Thou shalt create everyday.

No. IV

Thou shalt clean up after one’s self.

No. V

Thou shalt respect thy neighbor’s workspace.

No. VI

Thou shalt respect the ‘bago.


Thou shalt not spread false rumor.


Thou shalt communicate, not complicate.

No. IX

Thou shalt suggest ideas that make for a better Stoodio.

No. X

Thou shalt not put an “I” in team.


Stop-Motion, 2D, & 3D Animation


On-Site Production

Character Design & Fabrication

Art Department


Practical VFX


Visual FX & Compositing

Live Action Production


Seth Green

John Harvatine IV

Matthew Senreich

Eric Towner