Take a Tour of SBS Set Storage!

Have you ever watched an episode of Robot Chicken or SuperMansion or what-have-you and wondered what happens to those gorgeous sets and props when we’re done animating with them? We’re fully aware that the answer to that question is most likely “no,” but now that you’ve heard the question, aren’t you a little curious? We take great pride in our art department’s excruciatingly hard work on all of the props and sets that get built and painted for our projects, and a lot of times their work can be repurposed and re-used later on, so to answer that question that none of you were asking: WE KEEP EVERYTHING!


Just look at all those different types of chairs! Having this enormous backlog of set pieces is very helpful to our set dressers and production designers, because if they’re working on filling a room and need, oh, I don’t know, a weird casual yellow chair with purple cushions to fill the scene, they don’t have to build one FROM SCRATCH! They can just pick it out from this huge variety of options. Furniture is a very common item needed for scenes, so there are plenty of tables and beds and bookcases to go along with these chairs, a lot of them frozen in time from whatever sketch or scene they were used in last. Just take a look at this photo (quarter used for scale):


Click on the picture to zoom and see if you can spot some Robot Chicken easter eggs! Some of the super nerds reading this might recognize that green ant farm on the shelf on the right from its debut in the 2013 Robot Chicken “Born Again Virgin Christmas Special” as part of the Ant Farm Christmas sketch. Well now, as you can see, it’s been repurposed as set dressing for a kid’s room. And those other cool props? Why not watch all 27 or so hours of Robot Chicken that exists and see if you can spot where THEY debuted?! Fun game, huh?


The set department storage area is very organized and contains little compartments for everything you can imagine. Yes, there’s an entire cubby filled with pizza. But for THE BEST selection of one particular tiny thing, look no further than the SWORD DRAWER!


But everything we’ve discussed so far has been relatively small, what about the big stuff? The walls? The cars? The floors? We keep those too!



Keep an eye out for all of this stuff in your favorite Stoopid Buddy Stoodios projects and keep an eye on this blog for more behind-the-scenes insights!