A Very Buddy Thanksgiving


This Thanksgiving, as is Stoodio tradition, all the Buddies in the Stoodio sat down to a warm and wonderful meal together to reflect on the year that has gone by and to give thanks for all the neat stuff that’s happened. The meal was provided by dozens of Buddies who poured love into every appetizer, entree, and dessert, and BOY OH BOY was it delicious!


Our home cooks also had the option to nominate themselves for the annual Thanksgiving Buddy Bake-off, and this year was a barn burner! Of all the delectable meats and breads and veggies and desserts, though, only 3 foods could walk away with the title of best (and second best) (and third best) food of the day. Here to announce the winners is the Stoodio’s own Spirit of Thanksgiving: John Sumner. John…


Thanks for the introduction, Blog! Gooble gobble!

  • In third place, we’d like to honor Jack Hamilton for his sweet potato home fries. Nice job, Jack. I ate them all and saved none for anyone else in the stoodio!
  • Earning the prestigious second place prize: Alicia Ellsworth for her stuffing. Mm mm yummy. I accidentally ate the paper plate because I was so into that stuffing. My primary care physician reprimanded me for that.
  • And finally, we bow down to Page Moore for taking home the top prize with his unbelievable bread pudding. Whispers of bread pudding this good have been on the lips of humanity for centuries, but until I tried yours, I thought they were merely myths. Now that I’ve experienced the real deal, I’ve decided to change my religion to Page’s Bread Pudding, because a greater salvation I cannot imagine.


…Thank you, Sumner. And so ends another successful feast! We’d like to thank all of our home cooks for participating in the potluck lunch, and we’d like to GIVE THANKS to our amazing crew who make this Stoodio a fun and exciting place to work every day! THANKS, BUDDIES!