SuperMansion Season 2


It’s finally back! SuperMansion has returned to Crackle for its second glorious season, and so far, our fans are loving it! calls it “Uproariously funny…amazing to watch,” and say that “It might just be your new favorite superhero series.” The New York Times called it “Smart and deliriously unpredictable.” THE LIST GOES ON! Take a look at the latest episode (WARNING: CONTAINS BLEEPED GRAPHIC LANGUAGE)

The first 2 episodes are ready to stream AS WE TYPE THIS and new episodes premiere every Thursday. Get on the bandwagon now and follow The League of Freedom for the rest of the season, and we promise you…there are thing in this season…that will SHOCK you. And that’s not even including THIS horror show:


That’s just the TIP OF THE ICEBERG of this season’s craziness, so go see what all the fuss is about!