Tierra Whack ft. Stoopid Buddy

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 4.44.17 PM

Even for a split second we considered renaming our whole operation Stoopid Spuddy Stoodios. When you’re in the potato business, it kinda takes control…
And working on the Unemployed music video for artist Tierra Whack, you can see why. For this music video accompanying the INCREDIBLY catchy beat, our builds department crafted several animatronic taters (those eyes and mouths were actually there and actually moving!)
And if that weren’t enough, we also built the little surprise at the end of the video. Shh… no spoilers!
You can check out a hint of Tierra Whack’s music video right here. Trust us when we say we got our fill of starch for at least three lifetimes.